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Colorado: Organizing Another Recall of an Anti-Gun Politician

Written by Gary North on October 15, 2013

Gov. John Hickenlooper has a message for national gun-control groups that spend money fighting recall efforts in Colorado: stay away. “Colorado is a state that people like to be themselves and solve their own problems,” the Democratic governor said in an interview with USA Today. “They don’t really like outside organizations meddling in their affairs, […]

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The Second Battle of Yorktown: Defying the Park Service

Written by Gary North on October 11, 2013

A restaurant owner in the Colonial National Historical Park in Yorktown was told by the National Park Service to close his restaurant. The Park Service does not own it. It leased the building to the owner. It unilaterally broke its lease. He closed it for a few days. Then he re-opened it. The Park Service […]

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Obama’s Fall-Back Position on a Default

Written by Gary North on October 7, 2013

The United States Constitution is clear: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” (Article I, Section 7) If the Republicans decide not to submit a budget, the government will shut down. That is what we are being […]

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What If Younger Americans Skip Coverage by ObamaCare?

Written by Gary North on October 7, 2013

ObamaCare is structured to force younger healthy workers to pay for older, sicker Americans. The old will sign up. Those with existing conditions will sign up. But younger workers may decide to skip it, pay a small tax, and live with no coverage. Rates on younger workers are likely to triple. Millions of Americans will […]

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800,000 Furloughed Federal Workers. No One Notices.

Written by Gary North on October 4, 2013

We are told that the federal government has furloughed 800,000 workers. Have you noticed any difference in your lifestyle? I haven’t. Did these people perform crucial duties? If so, we should be noticing their absence. But we don’t. The National Park Service in Washington has put up barricades around the memorials. World War II vets […]

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ObamaCare Regulations So Far: 10,535 Pages

Written by Gary North on October 3, 2013

When the government passes a law, it must be enforced. The executive branch of the government then makes up the actual enforcement rules. It interprets the law and translates it into actual regulations. The ObamaCare law was 2,000 pages long. That is just the beginning. Now the executive branch is building on its foundations. The […]

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ObamaCare Premium Increases: 99% Higher for Men, 62% Higher for Younger Women

Written by Gary North on October 2, 2013

Here is the government’s promise, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Premiums before tax credits will be more than 16 percent lower than projected premiums after tax credits Tax credits will make premiums even more affordable for individuals and families. Here is reality, according to Forbes. Based on a Manhattan Institute analysis […]

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800,000 Federal Workers Get a Vacation.

Written by Gary North on October 1, 2013

Push has come to shove. We are told that the federal government will lay off 800,000 workers. These workers will not be paid. But is this figure right? Is it 800,000? Or 799,999? Or maybe 750,000? Or maybe 600,000? Let’s find out. This will be a good test. The laid-off workers hope that this is […]

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