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How to “Burn Your ObamaCare Card”

Written by Gary North on July 11, 2013

I read an article recently. It recommended massive resistance to ObamaCare. It outlined how to do it. You can read it here. You can beat the system, it says, if you can prove that you have adequate coverage. My wife has adequate coverage. She pays $85 a month. She is not under ObamaCare. To find […]

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Travel Before Passports

Written by Gary North on July 3, 2013

Edward Snowden is stuck inside the Moscow airport, because the Moscow airport is technically not inside Russia. So, Russian authorities can pretend that they cannot arrest Snowden on behalf of the United States. Russia does not need to extradite Snowden until he officially walks outside the airport. Snowden cannot escape until some nation lets him […]

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Crash Helmets or SWAT Helmets: A Dialogue

Written by Gary North on June 10, 2013

I bought a crash helmet in 1962, the year I bought a used Honda Dream 150. I drove in my parents’ car to Bell, California, and bought a Bell helmet at the factory. Honda and Bell helmets have done very well since 1962. I did not ride my motorcycle without wearing my helmet. It even […]

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“75% Not Guilty”: Raw Milk Producer Still May Go to Jail

Written by Gary North on May 27, 2013

A dairyman who sold milk to buyers by contractual agreement has been declared “not guilty.” The contracts were valid. The jury refused to convict him of having violated Wisconsin laws against selling raw milk. The jury said he was not breaking three state laws against selling without a license. The jury did convict him on […]

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Connecticut: “No Guns, No Gold”

Written by Gary North on April 26, 2013

You probably know about the gun control bill that was voted into law this month. Gun manufacturers are threatening to move out of the state. The story is here. The state is now about to shut down all coin stores. A bill to require complete record-keeping on all sales, including photos of every coin sold, […]

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The Government Steals Raisins

Written by Gary North on April 18, 2013

Why does the federal government steal one-third to one-half of the raisin crop every year? Why aren’t the farmers paid for the stolen crop? Why does the government then sell the stolen raisins to foreigners at below-market prices? Why has this been going on ever since 1948? Why haven’t you heard it through the grapevine? […]

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Encryption and Privacy: Goodbye Copyright Laws

Written by Gary North on April 18, 2013

Kim Dotcom really is his name these days. He had it legally changed. The federal government shut down his enormously profitable file-sharing business in 2011. It won’t shut down his latest version of file-sharing. His new company, Mega, offers 100% encryption. His company can’t crack it. The U.S. government can’t crack it — not at […]

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