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Drudge Takes Our Daily Temperature on Ebola

Written by Gary North on October 9, 2014


Matt Drudge is estimated to be worth $90 million. Why? Because he is the greatest headline writer in history. He knows what interests readers. He has millions of readers. Here is what interests readers this morning. This indicates the public’s fascination with Ebola. It is not panic yet, but great curiosity. This creates a problem […]

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Mauldin’s Clearing House

Written by Gary North on October 4, 2014


Recently, I had some fun with John Mauldin’s 65th birthday. I kidded his strategy. Mauldin is famous in the financial publishing industry for his pioneering strategy of publishing articles by some of the nation’s most astute financial commentators in his weekly newsletter. Then, a year later, when some columnist’s warning comes true, investors around the […]

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John Mauldin, Financial Columnist, Turns 65, Enters Anecdotage

Posted on October 3, 2014


(Dallas) — Financial columnist John Mauldin is 65 today. “This is hard to believe,” said James Grant, the noted specialist on interest rates and bow ties. “He has been around so long, I thought he was at least 70.” Mauldin is famous in the financial publishing industry for his pioneering strategy of publishing articles by […]

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Pension Fund Benefits Are Cut at the Washington Post

Written by Gary North on September 30, 2014


The liberal WaPo got bought last year by Jeff Bezos, who runs Amazon. It has just announced a freeze on pension benefits. The sinking ship of print media is doomed. It is a delight to see. All those liberals; so few lifeboats! They had hoped. They had dreamed. They had trusted management. Now they are […]

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Robot Journalists Never Sleep

Written by Gary North on September 29, 2014


This is an interesting development. At dawn on 17 March the inhabitants of Los Angeles were woken by a mild tremor. Less than three minutes later the Los Angeles Times website published an initial piece on the subject, at first sight a wire drafted in haste by a press agency: “A shallow magnitude 4.7 earthquake […]

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Homeschool Moms: Monetize Your Hard Work

Written by Gary North on September 23, 2014


The following strategy would not work if every successful homeschool mom followed my advice. There are too many of them. The competition would be too stiff. But they will not follow my advice. Why not? Because they lack self-confidence. No matter how well their own children do, they think: “I’m not very good.” They do […]

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The Futility of Ideological Spam

Written by Gary North on September 11, 2014


Every day, I get spam in my mailbox. I don’t really mind the spam in Chinese. Or the spam in Spanish. Or the spam in French. Or even the spam in Russian. I just blip it. I don’t know why somebody sent it to me, but I don’t care one way or the other. I […]

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“Stop the Presses! Newspapers Are Still Dying!”

Written by Gary North on August 21, 2014


For a decade, we have read about the squeeze on printed newspapers. One after another, they have merged or gone out of business. Flash! The Financial Times of London has just learned about this. Newspapers are finding their business increasingly challenged as print advertising sales – their traditional revenue powerhouse – decline and readers’ attention […]

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