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Home Depot Joins Target Stores: Security Breach

Posted on September 4, 2014


New information gathered from the cyber world indicates that most of the Home Depot stores across the U.S. have been hit in a massive credit and debit card breach, reports state. On Monday, there were already whispers of leaked credit card data by the behemoth retailer, most of which were slotted down to be mere […]

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Bitcoins, Nude Photos, and Mordecai Jones

Written by Gary North on September 2, 2014


The story of a hacker who was able to get into iCloud and steal photos of naked celebrity females who have more beauty than good sense is all over the Web. Another guy faked photos, and then sold them for Bitcoins. People with more Bitcoins than good sense or ethics bought them. The crime really […]

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“Pssst. What’s the Password?”

Posted on August 6, 2014


A Russian group has hacked 1.2 billion usernames and passwords belonging to more than 500 million email addresses, according to Hold Security – a US firm specialising in discovering breaches. Hold Security described the hack as the “largest data breach known to date”. It claimed the stolen information came from more than 420,000 websites, including […]

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NSA Spying: It’s Worse Than Snowden Says, Ex-Code Breaker Reveals

Posted on July 15, 2014

William Binney is one of the highest-level whistleblowers to ever emerge from the NSA. He was a leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold War but resigned soon after September 11, disgusted by Washington’s move towards mass surveillance. On 5 July he spoke at a conference in London organised by the Centre for […]

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The NSA Has Been Authorized to Spy on 193 Nations

Written by Gary North on July 1, 2014


This fact was revealed in the Washington Post. It indicates that the National Security Agency has been authorized by the court in charge of the NSA to spy on 193 nations. There are more than 193? This means that the NSA will overload its bureaucratic circuits on a scale never before imagined. How can any […]

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How Snowden’s Revelations Have Strengthened the NSA

Written by Gary North on May 14, 2014


It has been a year since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA. I appreciate what Snowden did. His decision to leak the stolen documents has done the conservative movement an enormous favor. It has blown to smithereens the greatest single myth of conservatism: “If the American people knew about this, there would be […]

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How To Recognize And Avoid A Credit Card Skimmer

Posted on April 14, 2014


When you pay by credit card, take a close look at the slot you’re sticking your plastic inside: Transit officials in New York found a credit card skimmer inside a subway fare card vending machine Wednesday night. A customer discovered the skimmer and pulled it from the machine at the 59th St.-Columbus Circle station. ATM-style […]

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