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Budgeting for a Lifestyle Contraction

Written by Gary North on January 9, 2013

I regard survivalism as a legitimate lifestyle that is hedging against a series of events that are unlikely to take place, but which if they ever take place, would place the serious survivalist in a much better position to deal with these events than most others who live in an urban environment. The basic issue […]

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Yes, I Watch Duck Dynasty. What’s It To You?

Written by Gary North on December 31, 2012

Duck Dynasty is about business — big business, bottom-line, keep-customers-happy business. It’s about repeat business. And it’s all based on guns. It’s about family — just no family that anyone has ever seen on TV. This is not Ozzie & Harriet. It’s about redemption. The patriarch, Phil Robertson, was a drunken lout. He left his […]

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Camp FEMA: The Dress Rehearsal

Written by Gary North on November 12, 2012

Mark Slavo has done yeoman service in reporting this. It relates to FEMA’s response to Hurricane Sandy. I hope it gets a wide hearing. Though details are scarce and media coverage has been completely restricted by officials, stories of what victims of Hurricane Sandy are experiencing at the hands of the Federal Emergency Management Agency […]

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Obama Won. Now What Will You Do?

Written by Gary North on November 7, 2012

If your answer is “not much,” then the election was peripheral. It really did not matter. My suggestion: never take seriously the pre-election hype in any future election. Don’t watch the polls; watch Intrade betting. Don’t post comments on Facebook except to show your amusement at all the hype. On the other hand, if your […]

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Register Your Garden with the Government.

Written by Gary North on August 15, 2012

A trial balloon was recently floated in the state of Utah. The government wants residents to register their gardens with the state. This is from the state’s website. How much food do we produce in Utah? Registering 10,000 gardens is an opportunity to find that answer as well as display our agricultural heritage. This challenge […]

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DHS Buys 750 Million Additional Rounds of Ammunition

Written by Gary North on August 14, 2012

Maybe you recall that the Department of Homeland security bought 450 million rounds of hollow-point  ammunition earlier this year. But, when it comes to preparation, the DHS is not leaving anything to chance. It is ordering another 750 million rounds. The solicitation is here. It’s for training. Training whom? How many? On what scale? Where? […]

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New Zealand: A Safer Haven for Liberty

Written by Gary North on June 28, 2012

If you are looking for a place to move to if the crack-down comes, consider New Zealand. Good weather: check. English: check. Common law: check. Non-cooperation with the FBI: check. The New Zealand High Court has issued a ruling. The police violated the rights of an American living in New Zealand when it cooperated with […]

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