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Obama Bails Out Boehner: Monster Spending Bill Passes House

Posted on December 12, 2014


President Barack Obama bailed out House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday night. After the House embarrassed Boehner by almost killing his 1,774-page $1.1 trillion cromnibus bill on a purely procedural vote earlier in the day, House Democrats pitched in to provide the votes to pass it. “My job tonight is to say thank you and […]

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Boehner Buckles, Gives Dems the Fiscal Farm: $1.1 Trillion

Written by Gary North on December 10, 2014

John Boehner wants to give Obama everything Obama wants — a huge spending bill: $1.1 trillion. This will fund the full fiscal year, not for two months until the Republicans take over the Senate. Senate Democrats are not budging. Why should they? Boehner is giving them the farm. Republicans won in November. ‘Twas a famous […]

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Solid Republican South: First Time Since Reconstruction

Written by Gary North on December 8, 2014


When Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 he predicted that this would lose the South for the Democrats. Four months later, the Southern states voted for Barry Goldwater. Exactly 50 years later, the Deep South is solid: not a single governor or Senator is a Democrat. Senator Landrieu of Louisiana was the […]

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Rob Portman Drops Out of 2016. Who Is Rob Portman?

Written by Gary North on December 2, 2014


ABC News felt compelled to run this headline: Rob Portman Says No To 2016 Presidential Race. My initial thought: “Who is Rob Portman? We read: It’s not even 2015, and the 2016 presidential race already has its first dropout. Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican who was once considered a top contender to be Mitt […]

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Obama Finally Cuts Loose: “Voters Be Damned!”

Posted on November 28, 2014


President Barack Obama has spent November acting with a defiant fury, moving with little regard for the message voters sent at the polls. Instead of reaching out to Republicans who won control of next year’s Congress Nov. 4, he’s charged ahead with initiatives that infuriate the victors, prompting critics to label him a “king” or […]

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Some Republican Should Announce Today: “I Am Running to Repeal Obama’s Amnesty.”

Written by Gary North on November 21, 2014


This is a moment of opportunity. Some Republican Senator or Governor should announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President in 2016. He should announce his reason: “I will repeal by executive order President Obama’s executive action granting amnesty to five million illegal aliens.” That announcement would make him the front-runner. It would galvanize […]

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Obama Will Torpedo Hillary Today

Written by Gary North on November 20, 2014


Today, President Obama will announce his plan for giving legal protection against deportation to five million illegal aliens who were not going to be deported anyway. This will hand a huge political chip to the Republican Party. Whoever runs for President in 2016 will run on the promise of reversing today’s executive order. Revocation by […]

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