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Bills Come Due: Cosby and Clinton

Written by Gary North on January 30, 2016


In 1992, the stories about Bill Clinton’s dalliances, coercion, and general disrespect for women were public news. They were all over the pre-Internet media. One of his senior staffers coined the phrase, “bimbo eruptions.” She got her own Wikipedia article because of this. The news had zero effect on his candidacy. Hillary shrugged it off. […]

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Video: A Low-Budget Trump YouTube Ad

Written by Gary North on January 16, 2016


I do not put any hope in national politics. But Donald Trump is about to pull off the first hijacking of the Republican Establishment since Barry Goldwater did it in 1964. This has happened only once before: in 1964. William Jennings Bryan pulled it off in 1896 in the Democratic Party. This changed American politics. […]

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Extremism in the Pursuit of Historical Truth

Written by Gary North on January 16, 2016


This week, The New Yorker published an article on the John Birch Society. It goes into the background of the forgotten missionary to China, John Birch. For this reason alone, the article deserves to be archived in your Evernote files. The article also provides a reasonable summary of the influence of the JBS on the […]

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Why Fight to Lose?

Written by Gary North on January 2, 2016


“There is no substitute for victory.” – Gen. Douglas McArthur Most people want to know how to invest their money. What would you think about the following investment? I have found a brand-new company that needs financing. It is run by inexperienced managers who have never been in management positions before. It has a very […]

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Political Masochism

Written by Gary North on December 12, 2015


“There are two kinds of income recipients in the world,” H. L. Mencken once quipped, “people who work for a living, and people who vote for a living.” It’s a good line. I wish I’d said it. Yet the grim reality of contemporary political life is that it really is not that significant when the […]

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The Two Rotten Novels That Turned America Left

Written by Gary North on November 21, 2015


I teach four years of literature courses for the high school program of the Ron Paul Curriculum. I also teach six weeks of literature for the eighth grade. For these lessons, I analyze two novels: Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward: 2000–1887 (1888) and Charles Sheldon’s In His Steps (1896). Bellamy’s book is occasionally assigned to college […]

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Political Bankruptcy: Stage Three

Written by Gary North on November 14, 2015


Peggy Noonan was a speech writer for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. She was a master. These days, she writes columns for The Wall Street Journal. When she writes on politics, I pay attention. She was inside Washington at the highest level, yet she did not have to get into any fights to defend […]

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Four Practical Steps to Undermine the Welfare State

Written by Gary North on November 14, 2015


Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute wrote an article with this title: “Four ways to Build a Free Society.” I like the idea of building. It is positive. His four ways: the political option (minimal involvement), strategic withdrawal (non-participation/separation), hearts and minds (education/social media), and resistance (gumming up the government). So, it’s a mixture of […]

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America’s Oligarchy and the Federal Reserve

Written by Gary North on November 7, 2015


Mexico is an oligarchy. Look at photos of every President who was not a military dictator. He looks like a European by ancestry. That’s because he was. Mexico pretends to be a democracy. The photos say otherwise. No one who looks like a Mexican is ever elected President by Mexicans. Americans who are aware of […]

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