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Bill Charms. Hillary Squirms.

Posted on March 12, 2015


The liberal Washington Post reports the following: Senior Democrats are increasingly worried that Hillary Rodham Clinton is not ready to run for president, fearing that the clumsy and insular handling of the nine-day fracas over her private e-mails was a warning sign about the campaign expected to launch next month. Few Democrats believe that the […]

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Schlafly: Still No Choice, Still an Echo

Posted on February 23, 2015


Phyllis Schlafly has updated her classic 1964 paperback book, A Choice Not an Echo. In that book, she pointed out that Eastern Establishment Republicans controlled the party. They had the money. They lost control only once: in 1964. It has never happened again. She is now warning against Jeb Bush. She is 90 years old. […]

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Public Sector Unions in Wisconsin Are Dying

Written by Gary North on February 23, 2015


Gov. Scott Walker and the legislature were successful in 2011 in passing a law that undermined the ability of unions in the public sector to strike. This took away the threat of the public unions. Wikipedia describes the law. The bill requires additional contributions by state and local government workers to their health care plans […]

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Ron Paul on Quiet Secession

Written by Gary North on February 20, 2015


In a speech at the Mises Institute, Ron Paul discussed operational secession. State governments are not enforcing federal rules and regulations. This is a quiet movement. There are no fireworks. But it is happening. The speech was picked up by Buzzfeed. Then Matt Drudge ran it as his lead story: left-hand side. When the federal […]

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Free Rides: Bill Clinton’s Perks

Written by Gary North on February 16, 2015


The stories never end. She hasn’t even announced, but the question has already resurfaced: Will Bill Clinton’s baggage derail Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes? Just a few weeks ago, reports broke that Bill Clinton had flown at least 11 times on “The Lolita Express” — a private plane owned by the mysterious financier and convicted pedophile […]

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Hillary Does Not Stay at Motel 8

Posted on February 12, 2015


This caught my eye: Last year, former Secretary of State (and presumed 2016 presidential candidate) Hillary Rodham Clinton found herself on the defensive when it was learned that not only does she command a six-figure speaking fee ($300,000) for her appearances and travel by private jet, but she also gets to stay in the “presidential […]

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My Latest Book: Free

Written by Gary North on January 24, 2015


My new book is now typeset: The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics. You can download it here: http://www.garynorth.com/CovenantalEconomics.pdfIt is different from every other book you have read on economics. It begins with this question: “Who owns this?” This is the most divisive question in economic thought. Because it is divisive, economists ever since Adam Smith […]

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Lame Duck Dynasty: Obama’s State of the Union

Written by Gary North on January 19, 2015


President Obama is now facing a Republican-controlled Congress. So, he is now ready to go on the offensive. Obama succeeded in getting one big program through Congress: PelosiCare. That was in his first term, when the Democrats controlled all three branches. You could count the Dodd-Frank law (2010). This consolidated the biggest banks’ control over […]

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Follow the Money: Congressional Money

Written by Gary North on January 14, 2015

If you want to know who is buying whom, or subsidizing whom, there’s an app for that. It’s called AllAreGreen. It’s free. You can use it to see how much money Congressional candidates received, and from whom. This is going to be a godsend for news reporters. A 16-year-old kid has done their legwork for […]

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