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Obama Exposed In ANOTHER Massive Obamacare Lie

Posted on January 22, 2014


The majority of the public and reporters are becoming quite agitated when it comes to the cloudiness around Obamacare–Obama is yet to deliver one, straight forward truth. As it turns out—and it’s really sad to say that it is no big surprise that our President is being dishonest AGAIN—Obama has been exposed again in another […]

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Cancer Patient Loses Doctor Under New ObamaCare Policy

Posted on January 20, 2014


Here’s an example of what Obamacare’s narrowing networks can do to someone — a breast cancer patient who was about to start treatment at Sloan-Kettering found now she is shut out — and she can’t even figure out which providers she can go to. Yes, you could say Josie Gracchi was at the wrong place […]

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Illinois Signs Up For Obamacare! Well, Only 61,000 out of 12.8 Million

Posted on January 14, 2014

Illinois State Sign

A little more than 61,100 Illinoisans selected new health insurance policies created under President Barack Obama’s health care law through Dec. 28, as a last-minute surge in enrollment helped the marketplaces recover from an embarrassing Oct. 1 launch. The Illinois enrollments are up nearly nine-fold from November, when little more than 7,000 selected policies, according […]

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The Magificent Failure of ObamaCare

Written by Gary North on January 6, 2014

From the point of view of a defender of liberty, ObamaCare is the most magnificent welfare state program of our generation. Premium expenses are going up for most people. Deductibles are going up for most people. Cancellation letters are going out to millions of people. The number of people signing up is less than the […]

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Support for ObamaCare Falls to 35%.

Written by Gary North on December 24, 2013

The latest CNN poll indicates that support for Obamacare has fallen from 40% in November to 35% today. This is what we can legitimately call a death spiral. As a symbolic gesture, President Obama has signed up for ObamaCare — a bronze plan. He signed up on the Washington, D.C. site. He did not try […]

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Are You an ObamaCare Loser? Check here.

Posted on December 23, 2013

Experts consider health insurance unaffordable once it exceeds 10 percent of annual income. By that measure, a 50-year-old making $50,000 a year, or just above the qualifying limit for assistance, would find the cheapest available plan to be unaffordable in more than 170 counties around the country, ranging from Anchorage to Jackson, Miss. A 60-year-old […]

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Medicaid Is Where the ObamaCare Action Is

Posted on December 16, 2013

HHS reported Wednesday that 1.2 million Americans have enrolled in ObamaCare since the exchanges opened on October 1st. The media is trumpeting this as a sign the website is improving and ObamaCare is making steady progress towards its goals. A deeper look at the numbers, however, reveals a more troubling trend. Of the total enrollees, […]

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70% of California’s Physicians Will Opt Out of ObamaCare

Written by Gary North on December 9, 2013

The estimate is that 70% of California’s physicians will not participate in the program. If accurate, this will create a nightmare for ObamaCare. The physicians in California are paid at Medicaid rates — far below costs. The physicians say they will not do it. It’s about time. In 1977, I was part of a team […]

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