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Cracking Netflix’s Category Codes

Written by Gary North on April 9, 2016


I read that Netflix has 76,000 codes of kinds of movies. Is this possible? Really? You don’t have time to find most of these categories. Neither do I. So, Netflix shows us only those few categories that its algorithm thinks we would like to view. But there are others that we might want to view. […]

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Lost in Translation: The Rolling Stones in Cuba

Written by Gary North on April 2, 2016

On Tuesday, March 22, President Obama was in Cuba, the first President to visit Cuba in 90 years. On Friday, the Rolling Stones became the first famous Western rock & roll group ever to play in Havana. It was a free concert. Mick Jagger scheduled the performance a few months ago. Did he coordinate this […]

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Sucked in by Hollywood Screen Writers

Written by Gary North on February 20, 2016


More than any other writers, screenwriters can persuade us to suspend disbelief. The story moves fast. The technology draws us into the story. We question almost nothing. We are manipulated. We pay money to be manipulated. It’s entertainment, so we do not care. Hollywood has understood this, all the way back to D. W. Griffith’s […]

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Video: A Low-Budget Trump YouTube Ad

Written by Gary North on January 16, 2016


I do not put any hope in national politics. But Donald Trump is about to pull off the first hijacking of the Republican Establishment since Barry Goldwater did it in 1964. This has happened only once before: in 1964. William Jennings Bryan pulled it off in 1896 in the Democratic Party. This changed American politics. […]

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Eva Cassidy Sings from Beyond the Grave

Written by Gary North on December 26, 2015

Until this week, I had never heard of Eva Cassidy. I was sent a link to her version of “Over the Rainbow.” The man who sent it to me admitted that had never heard of her. Someone had sent him the link. It has had over two million hits in just one year. She has […]

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Ken Burns on Star Wars

Written by Gary North on December 26, 2015


Here, we see Burns’ artistry at its best. Were it not for the crummy ad that precedes it, the experience would be flawless. Forward this to your friends. The Force commands it. Both sides.

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