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Leonard Nemoy and I Went Way Back

Written by Gary North on February 28, 2015


Leonard Nimoy’s first film was Kid Monk Baroni (1952). Unlike you, I saw it. In a theater. In 1952. I was living in Denver. Every Saturday morning, I went to the movies: the Esquire theater. It cost 25 cents. I had to spend money to ride the bus to get there. I always bought a […]

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Lester Holt: Right Place, Right Time

Written by Gary North on February 11, 2015


The talk is all about Brian Williams. He is suspended for six months. If Lester Holt holds the ratings or even increases them, Williams is probably suspended forever. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I don’t care, one way or the other. I have never watched the evening news on a regular basis. Cronkite, […]

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“Patriots Investigation Will Take Some Time.” — Judge Crater

Posted on January 27, 2015


Any notion that the NFL’s investigation into the New England Patriots’ usage of underinflated footballs during the AFC Championship Game might be done prior to the kickoff of Super Bowl XLIX can pretty much be put to rest. Ted Wells, who was appointed by the league to assist with the ongoing probe, released a statement […]

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How to Produce a Useless Right-Wing Video

Written by Gary North on January 21, 2015

In the bad old days, it took a lot of money and time to produce a 30-minute Right-wing documentary. Documentaries were filmed, which was costly. Almost no one ever saw these documentaries. They had no impact. They were the Right-wing equivalent of the public school videos they used to show us on topics such as […]

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