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The Paralysis of Pessimism

Written by Gary North on May 7, 2016

The prophets of Israel came to the people and rulers with a triple message. They first pointed to Israelis history. God had delivered them from the bondage of Egypt, thereby fulfilling the promises given to Abraham. It was a strictly historical act, in time and on earth. Second, they warned the people of impending judgment […]

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When a Christian Welfare Statist Defects to Semi-Liberty

Written by Gary North on April 23, 2016

We are all familiar with the student who goes off to college and comes home alter the first year spouting liberal nonsense that he learned in the classroom. This phenomenon has been around since the days of classical Greece. Aristophanes wrote a comedy about such a youth: Clouds. A young man goes off to Socrates’ […]

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The War Between Three Types of Religion

Written by Gary North on January 16, 2016

This essay describes a clash between two religions, with believers in a third religion standing on the sidelines, waiting to see the outcome of the clash. The Bible presents it as the archetypal clash in history between these two religions. This confrontation has been going on since the Garden of Eden. The first of the […]

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The Bible vs. Ron Sider’s Liberation Theology

Posted on December 26, 2015

By John Robbins In 1974 Creation House, a publishing firm located in the heartland of American neo-evangelicalism, released The Chicago Declaration, edited by Ronald J. Sider. The book recounted the proceedings and conclusions of the Thanksgiving Workshop on Evangelicals and Social Concern held during Thanksgiving 1973 “while the rest of American Protestantism was enjoying the […]

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The Two Rotten Novels That Turned America Left

Written by Gary North on November 21, 2015

I teach four years of literature courses for the high school program of the Ron Paul Curriculum. I also teach six weeks of literature for the eighth grade. For these lessons, I analyze two novels: Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward: 2000–1887 (1888) and Charles Sheldon’s In His Steps (1896). Bellamy’s book is occasionally assigned to college […]

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Ideas Have Consequences: First-Rate Title, Third-Rate Book

Written by Gary North on October 24, 2015

I begin with an aphorism: “Moral ideas without institutional sanctions are impotent. Institutional sanctions without moral ideas are tyrannical.” Every civilization attempts to deal with this aphorism. So does every political movement. There is never universal agreement on either the content of morality or the efficiency of the sanctions. This is a battle for the […]

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The Unspoken Truth About Gun Control

Written by Gary North on October 10, 2015

Political activists are more entrenched on this issue than any other issue in American life. Somebody might say that legalized abortion would be the top candidate. I don’t think that’s the case. Opponents of abortion are not going to change, but the degree of commitment has faded over the last two decades. The futility of […]

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