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$18 Billion a Year in Job Training. No Stats on Results.

Written by Gary North on May 21, 2012

Senator Tom Coburn had the Government Accountability Office (GAO) do a study on job training programs.The study revealed that the federal government spends $18 billion a year on job training. The study also reported that there are 47 different federal job-training programs. A total of five of these have produced data since 2004 on how […]

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Employment Dropouts: American Men

Written by Gary North on May 7, 2012

For over half a century, American men have been dropping out of the job market. As a percentage of the population, men have fallen. This is a long-term trend. This change in men’s work patterns is partially caused by retirement. Retired people are out of the labor force. This is normal. So, the long decline […]

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Sweet Subsidies: Sugar and Corn

Written by Gary North on April 27, 2012

Congress has been prohibiting Americans from buying low-cost sugar ever since 1789, the first year of the United States under the Constitution. This subsidizes the sugar growers, who have not operated in a free market in the nation’s history. But it’s not just the sugar growers who are the beneficiaries. Corn producers, whose product is […]

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The Lawyer Glut: More Lawsuits for the Rest of Us

Written by Gary North on April 20, 2012

We all know this is true. The law profession is glutted. Meanwhile, most graduate school students in engineering are temporary residents from foreign countries. A recent article in Business Week highlighted this. At all levels, the industry suffers from excess labor. The number of people with law licenses grew from 212,600 in 1950 to 1,225,000 […]

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San Francisco Exodus: Familes With Children Leave

Written by Gary North on March 20, 2012

It costs too much to buy a home in San Francisco. Families are leaving. The city is not able to keep them. Big cities with high prices are becoming demographically old cities. The future is with smaller cities. The Internet makes jobs available there. The cities were the heart of production in the pre-Internet era. […]

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