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Retirement Suicide: Grandparents Who Co-Signed for Student Loans

Written by Gary North on August 8, 2012

Grandparents are in the hole for $36 billion for student loans. Some of these debts are because of their grandchildren. They co-signed the loans. Then the grandkids defaulted. The grandchildren could have gotten their B.A. degrees for under $15,000 by avoiding the standard approaches to college. They could have funded all of it themselves by […]

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$76,000 Per Student: Training on Getting a Minimum-Wage Job

Written by Gary North on August 2, 2012

The federal government specifies that employers are not allowed to pay less to employees than what the government has determined is a minimum wage. At present, unemployment among teenagers in the USA is around 25%. This is a major crisis. So, the government has responded. It has created a program to train teenagers in how […]

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Unemployed, Over 50: What Would You Do?

Written by Gary North on July 27, 2012

These people thought this could not happen to them. It did. One man was VP of a firm. He has not worked for three years. He has $10,000 left. He faces bankruptcy. Step one: build your network now. Make contacts. Step two: make yourself too valuable to fire. Go here: www.fireproofjob.com. Step three: get your […]

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Obamacare Will Create Unemployment

Written by Gary North on July 19, 2012

For a business with over 50 workers, it means huge increases in health insurance coverage or a large fine. If a business has 60 workers, 10 of them are going to be fired. Count on it. One man who owns dozens of KFC franchises has a choice: a $60,000 fine — excuse me, “tax” — […]

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Obama’s Stimulus Package Outsourced Jobs

Written by Gary North on July 12, 2012

Obama says he will not give tax breaks to American businesses that set up plants in foreign nation. But that does not mean that he will not give money up front to do this. In fact, he already has. The $787 billion Keynesian stimulus of 2009 had lots of money for businesses that used the […]

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If You Are Over 50 and Get Fired, Do This Fast

Written by Gary North on June 12, 2012

There is a bias against older workers in the job market. This has come as a shock to older workerts who got laid off in 2008-9. They still have trouble finding work. Why this comes as a shock is something of a mystery. Employers hire younger people because they can get them cheap. An older […]

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Consumer Comfidence Drops Like a Stone

Written by Gary North on May 30, 2012

Consumers finally have figured out that the U.S. economy is getting ready to turn down. Confidence fell sharply and unexpectedly in May. The Conference Board’s index fell from 68.7 in April to 64.9 in May. Economists had predicted a rise. Instead, confidence fell to a five-month low. There was no warning. It caught forecasters flat-footed. […]

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