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Middle Class Gets Hammered, But Politicians Promised to Help

Written by Gary North on September 13, 2012

Politicians promise to help the middle class. Why do they do this? Because that’s where the majority is. The middle class is the majority class in the demographics. What is the result of these promises? Decreased income for the middle class. Here i a safe rule to honor: Whenever politicians promise to achieve something, get […]

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Food Stamps Under Obama: 32 Million to 46 Million

Written by Gary North on September 7, 2012

Click through to see a scary chart: the number of food stamp recipients over the last seven years.  Under Obama, the number has soared by 44%. There is no sign that this is going to be reversed. Yet we are three years into the so-called economic recovery. In June, more people went on food stamps […]

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$40,000 for a One-Year Automotive Repair Course

Written by Gary North on August 29, 2012

A young man borrowed $40,000 to take a one-year course from an automotive repair school. His parents encouraged him to do this. They told him he could earn $0 an hour after he graduated. He makes $13.50 an hour. Then he got married. Then fathered two kids. He borrows to pay for rent. His grandmother […]

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Government-Subsidized Energy Drains Us Permanently

Written by Gary North on August 28, 2012

Why does the federal government support “green energy”? Because the free market won’t. Why does the free market reject “green energy”? Because it costs more to generate than it brings in as revenues. Why is this the case? Because “green energy” is labor-intensive. Why do politicians support this? Because employed workers vote. Does the public […]

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College Degree, Yes. Retail Price, No.

Written by Gary North on August 23, 2012

I am working with a young man in my church who earned his college degree in business management from an accredited college in the month he turned 18. He was home schooled. He paid $13,000, total. They never tell you about stories like his in the mainstream media. MarketWatch is a major publisher in the […]

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Obama’s Immigration “Law” Is Not a Law at All

Written by Gary North on August 20, 2012

President Obama signed an executive order — not a bill sent by Congress — to allow up to 1.7 million illegal immigrants to temporarily get legal residence. Not being a law, this order can be reversed if a new President cancels it. Congress has nothing to say about it either way. My guess is that […]

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Feds Pay High School Dropouts 36% More Than the Private Sector

Written by Gary North on August 17, 2012

High school dropouts who find jobs with the federal government are paid 36% more than high school dropouts in the private sector. This was the finding of a recent study by the Congressional Research Service. This is good news for defenders of liberty. It means that the Federal government will absorb these short-sighted people who […]

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