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“Illegal Immigrants Steal Americans’ Jobs.”

Written by Gary North on December 17, 2014


This is another cliché of protectionism. I keep adding more, here: http://www.garynorth.com/public/department162.cfm The logic of economics applies across borders: county, state, and national. Deny this, and you deny economics. Conservatives deny economics. They promote tariffs and import quotas across national borders, but not state and county borders. Ludwig von Mises had a word for this: […]

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“Dr. Gort Will See You Now.”

Posted on December 16, 2014

. . . look at the future of the general practitioner of medicine. This is considered the epitome of the high-skilled, secure, remunerative job. Four years of college! Four years of medical school! Internship! Residency! Government-protected cartel membership! And yet, this profession is going the way of the dodo bird. To understand why, the first […]

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Chicago Imposes a $13/Hour Minimum Wage by 2019

Written by Gary North on December 3, 2014


Chicago has just sent businesses a message: “It’s time to adopt labor-saving machinery. Fire some workers.” It sent a message to adjoining suburban towns: “You will get lots of Chicago public transit commuters looking for work — cheap.” It sent a message to the city’s welfare office: “Prepare for a flood.” It sent a message […]

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Job Market: American Women Are Pessimistic

Written by Gary North on November 11, 2014


Almost two-thirds of American women in the labor force are pessimistic about the job market. Well over 50% of men are pessimistic. If the economic recovery were based on anything other than the Federal Reserve System’s creation of money, both figures would be lower. But the public sees the results of the fiat money system: […]

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Dead-End Jobs, Dead-End Recovery

Posted on October 8, 2014


By David Stockman The September jobs report was greeted by a flurry of robo-trader exuberance because another print well above 200k purportedly signals that growth is underway and profits will remain in high cotton as far as the eye can see. But how many years can this Charlie Brown and Lucy charade be taken seriously—-even […]

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Dissecting the Employment Numbers

Posted on October 4, 2014


By David Stockman The September establishment survey showed a 248k job gain, but that was the seasonally maladjusted, preliminarily guesstimated version which will be revised in October and November, and then re-benchmarked several more times in the coming years. So let’s take a pass on the enthusiasm with respect to this fleeting monthly delta and consider a couple […]

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Few Jobs for STEM Majors

Written by Gary North on September 16, 2014


Parents have been told to get their children into science, technology, engineering, and math — STEM. “STEM is the stepping stone to good jobs.” It turns out that most college grads who majored in STEM fields are unable to get jobs in these fields. Women engineers, yes. Industry needs token women to get the EEOC […]

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Video: When McDonald’s Takes Your Order by Robot

Written by Gary North on August 19, 2014

First, an oldie but goodie. Second, a 15-miniute video on jobs. Before you view it, keep this in mind. The economist has one question above all others: “At what price?” Do you like your job? At what price? Does your employer want you to keep working? At what price? Is your career at risk? At […]

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