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Oh, My Aching Swaggart Back

Written by Gary North on October 22, 2016


It’s the 30th anniversary of my aching back. It’s better these days. I sit in a Herman Miller Embody chair. Yet the story is a strange one. In 1986, I was speaking at the New Orleans gold conference. I had spoken there several times over the years. My partner John Mauldin had come along. He […]

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Remembering Wilt Chamberlain

Written by Gary North on October 15, 2016


Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest American athlete in the second half of the twentieth century. At the University of Kansas, he was a great track & field athlete. The 7’2″ goliath ran a sub 11 second 100 yard dash and also threw the shot put 56 feet. Despite competing and excelling in both sprinting and […]

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Diet and Alzheimer’s: A Correlation

Written by Gary North on September 24, 2016


We all fear Alzheimer’s. No one wants to become a vegetable who is dependent on his family or some expensive staff. There are lots of health food assessments and diets. Whether they work or not is mostly guesswork and faith. So is the following. But this was published in Psychology Today. This does not make […]

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Pee to Live Longer

Written by Gary North on July 2, 2016


This is not a joke. There is a major research project that needs urine samples. If it is successful, there will be a simple test that will let people better assess their risks of future diseases. If it works, some day life insurance and health insurance premiums will fall for those who pass the test. […]

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A Letter from a Stroke Victim Who Survived

Posted on July 2, 2016


By Joe Sabah In February 2016, I celebrated 12 years Poststroke, YIPPEE! On February 24, 2004, I experienced a stroke. After 6 weeks in rehab I was back doing what I love best: Speaking and Presenting “How To Speak for Fun and Profit.” The Seminar now in its 37th year. Every year for 10 years […]

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Fats Are OK. I Knew This in 1949.

Written by Gary North on August 15, 2015


The medical industry learns slowly. In 1949, my physician, Francis Pottenger, put me on a diet. It had lots of red meat, extremely high-fat milk (certified raw milk), eggs, and plenty of butter. I had wheat cereal, cooked overnight. He took me off white sugar and processed foods. I suffered from chronic bronchitis. In 18 […]

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