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A Miscommunication Leads To These Sheriffs Being Asked To Disarm

Posted on March 17, 2014

Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert traveled to Oklahoma City, the state’s capitol, earlier this week with 40 other sheriffs from around the state like they do every year — to meet with politicians and lobby. Everything was going fine in the state capitol building on Tuesday. More than that, “everybody in that building knew who […]

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Gun Control Discrimination May Be About To Ruin This Teen’s Future

Posted on March 13, 2014

Meet Jordan Wiser, a high school senior you might call an overachiever. Enrolled in an Ohio vocational-technical school, Wiser was taking Firefighter 2 and EMT courses to bolster his dream of future public service. “Last year, I completed the law enforcement course,” the 18-year-old told The Huffington Post. “I received several certifications, including the National […]

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Recent Carry License Owner Saves His Mother’s Life

Posted on March 11, 2014

When a knife-wielding burglary suspect broke into an elderly woman’s home in Seymour, Tenn., on Wednesday night, he had no idea her son was only two minutes away — and armed. If he had, he surely wouldn’t have still been there when he arrived. Colin Patrick Lynch, 29, was eventually arrested and charged with one […]

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Felon Arrested For Trying To Sell A Gun At A Gun Show

Written by John Odermatt on March 8, 2014

The phrase convicted felon makes most people’s ears perk up. There is a stigma associated with those that have been convicted of a felony crime. Without any background knowledge of the nature of the felony conviction or the atmosphere the crime took place, the word “felon” has the ability to define a person. The truth […]

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Gun Owners Warned of Confiscation For Not Registering

Posted on February 27, 2014

After tens of thousands of defiant gun owners in Connecticut chose not to register their semi-automatic rifles to comply with a hastily-passed gun control law, the state is now taking some action. Officials are reportedly notifying gun owners who submitted late applications that they have one last chance to get rid of their “illegal” weapons. […]

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Gun Control Activist Acts Like A Hypocrite

Posted on February 14, 2014


The word hypocrite comes to mind when describing the actions of Buffalo resident Dwayne Ferguson. The Tea Party News Network reports on the anti-gun activist, violating the “gun-free” zone on a school campus. Long time, anti-gun, community activist Dwayne Ferguson was arrested at a Buffalo, NY elementary school for carrying a gun on school premises. […]

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Gun Control Warning

Written by Gary North on February 13, 2014

Alex Jones recommended that those of us in what he calls the “pro-future media” give this story publicity. So, I am doing as he asked.   Kit Daniels Infowars.com February 10, 2014 Through a coalition designed to deceive the public, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is currently pushing for gun confiscations across America which […]

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