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Vince Vaughn on Gun Rights

Posted on June 2, 2015

World famous comedian and movie star Vince Vaughn came out with a double barrel defense of gun rights during a recent interview, calling for guns in schools and arguing the Second Amendment is intended to defend against “the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government.” The star of the new season of the hit […]

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Backfire: Gun-Buying Mania

Written by Gary North on April 11, 2015

In 2013, President Obama tried to get a few ticky-tacky gun control laws through Congress.  He never even got this through the Senate. Now that effort has backfired, big time. The American firearms industry is as healthy as ever, seeing an unprecedented surge that has sent production of guns soaring to more than 10.8 million […]

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Shrinking Mainline Protestant Churches Promote Gun Control

Written by Gary North on February 10, 2015

Leaders of the mainline denominations, as their aging members die off and are not replaced, have decided to speed up the timetable to invisibility. They are coming out in favor of gun control. Meanwhile, evangelical church members are overwhelmingly in favor of Second Amendment liberties. A liberal writing in The Atlantic blames this on education. […]

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Sharia Law and Gun Control

Written by Gary North on January 24, 2015

Freedom of the press is now a moot point in Europe. Freedom of the press is related to the right to keep and bear arms: Amendments 1 and 2 of the U.S. Constitution. If you don’t have the right to keep and bear arms, you don’t have freedom of the press. The state cannot protect […]

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Obama’s Gun Control: Shut Down Bank Accounts

Written by Gary North on January 16, 2015

The Department of Justice, which got away with Fast and Furious — selling guns to Mexican drug cartels — is also getting away with this. It runs gun stores out of business by quietly telling their banks to close their accounts. The banks comply. The accounts are closed. Then the gun store’s doors are closed. […]

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Demand for Guns Rose in December

Posted on January 8, 2015

The FBI’s December figures show 2.3 million background checks for gun purchasers were conducted in one month alone. That is an increase of nearly 300,000 from the number of background checks conducted in December 2013. Breitbart News previously reported that on Black Friday alone there were nearly three background checks conducted every second. A strong […]

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Gun Control Advocates: Under 50%

Posted on December 15, 2014

By a margin of 52 percent to 46 percent, Americans say protecting the rights of gun owners is more important than gun control, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center released Wednesday. It is the first time Pew found more support for gun ownership than gun control in more than two decades of […]

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Anonymous Ferguson Cop: “Get a Gun.”

Posted on November 20, 2014

FERGUSON, Mo. (CBS ST. LOUIS) – Law enforcement in the Ferguson area are preparing for potential protests and riots following the grand jury’s decision in the Michael Brown investigation, which is expected sometime this month. Talking to “St. Louis Coptalk” forum, a supposed police officer in the Ferguson area issued a warning to others in […]

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Ghost Gunner: 3-D Home Gun-Making Machine

Written by Gary North on October 2, 2014

It’s here: a $2,000 machine that lets you crank out the core component of a semi-automatic rifle. It’s called the Ghost Gunner. (This is far less controversial than the Brady Bunch.) And, no, there is no stamped number. There is no paperwork required. You don’t have to register the machine with the BATF. We can […]

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