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Peak Oil’s Effects on You and Me

Written by Gary North on February 21, 2012

Gegor McDonald is an authority on peak oil. Here, he is interviewed by GoldMoney, the gold bullion storage firm located in Great Britain, but run by an American, James Turk. * * * * * * * * * * * * *Why do you think so many people are reluctant to accept the concept […]

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The Overnight Crash

Written by Gary North on February 16, 2012

One of the facts of the “new normal” is that the holding period for stocks is now down to two months. It was 10 years in the 1970s. The “buy and hold” strategy is defunct. This leads to greater market volatility. Robert Fitzwilliam of the Portola Group has warned: “The system is structured for chaos. […]

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Gold Profits in the 1970s vs. Today: Big Difference

Written by Gary North on February 9, 2012

In 1976, you could buy gold legally at $106. In January 1980, it hit $850 for one day. Then it fell for the next 21 years. What abiut today? Are we facing that kind of roller-coaster ride? The self-proclaimed experts who told you NOT to buy gold in 2001 at $257 tell you not to buy […]

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As Gold Climbs Higher, Procrastinators Agonize, but Owners Sleep Better.

Written by Gary North on February 3, 2012

Gold is over $1750 per ounce. To track gold’s price, 24×7, go here: http://www.garynorth.com/public/department32.cfm The volatility of gold over the past two months has been high. It was as low as $1530 in late December. It has risen by over  $200. This scares off procrastinators. I wrote this on January 30. ________________________________________________ Across the nation, […]

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Chinese Buy Up Gold

Written by Gary North on February 2, 2012

China is importing a lot of gold. Yet China is a gold-producing nation. This indicates a large demand. Imports in November rose by over 102 kilograms. This was up from 86,000 in October. They bought it from Hong Kong. Hong Kong reported this. China doesn’t. China bought as much as 490 tons in 2011. It […]

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Why Gold Rebounded So Fast

Written by Gary North on January 31, 2012

Gold in late December was under $1540. Today, it is $200 higher. What happened? A Forbes colmnist offers suggestions. First, gold is not like other commodities. It is an alternative currency. The European crisis is accelerating. Second, hedge funds had to sell to redeem shares. Third, low interest rates help to keep ownership cheap. Alternative […]

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Will Mainstream Funds Start Buying Gold in 2012?

Written by Gary North on January 27, 2012

Jim Sinclair has been in the gold-related investment industry for 40 years. He has watched it rise and fall and rise again. He is convinced that the Federal Reserve’s announcement on January 25 was a turning point. He thinks it announced endless fiat money. He thinks that mainstream companies will now be buyers. This includes […]

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Gold and Silver Supplies Are Getting Tight, Says Analyst

Written by Gary North on January 23, 2012

Stephen Leeb has been analyzing the markets for over 30 years. His recent comments are worth considering. “What people don’t realize about silver is how illiquid silver is, and how little physical silver that is available in the market.  Now you have the Canadian, (Eric) Sprott, who has really been spot on for more than […]

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