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Crimea Crisis Cools Off, Stocks Begin to Rally

Posted on March 4, 2014


Russia’s ruble rebounded from a record low while stock-index futures in the U.S. and Europe advanced after a report that President Vladimir Putin had ordered troops back to bases after military exercises concluded amid tensions in Ukraine’s Crimea region. Gold fell with oil. The ruble strengthened 0.7 percent against the dollar at 7:23 a.m. in […]

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Pulling the Plug: Taking Delivery of Gold

Written by Gary North on January 28, 2014


In 2011, the University of Texas investment committee took delivery of what was then just under $1 billion worth of gold. It had held the gold in the form of gold futures contracts. Kyle Bass persuaded the committee to take delivery. This video is worth viewing. Bass explains why he recommended this decision. The statement […]

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How NOT to Argue for Gold: Great Topic, Pathetic Video

Written by Gary North on January 17, 2014


Here is a video on why gold will rise in price: digital currencies will fall. The company that released this video sells gold storage. It is for very rich people who already hold gold investments, or else it is for people with no experience with gold investing, who are being asked to buy gold stored […]

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No Taper. Of Course.

Written by Gary North on September 19, 2013

The financial media have been hyping the taper since mid-June. As September 18 drew near, the media were filled with predictions of a taper. As you know by now, I regarded the entire thing as nonsense. Bernanke announced no change. So, what else is new? The Wall Street Journal announced the news within minutes. The […]

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More Gold Buyers Are Starting to Take Delivery

Written by Gary North on September 9, 2013

James Turk of the GoldMoney gold storage service has concluded that there is a steady pressure from gold buyers to take delivery of paper contracts for gold. He offers this as evidence. The price of gold today is higher than the future delivery. Normally, the commodity futures price is higher for any commodity. Why? Because […]

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Goldman Sachs Buys Gold; Tells Public to Sell

Written by Gary North on September 2, 2013

Gold declined sharply in early April. That’s when Goldman Sachs issued a “sell” signal Then Goldman began quietly to buy shares of GLD, the ETF for gold. It now owns 3.7 million shares. (Click the link.) On April 23, Bloomberg published this report. It told of Goldman’s official public recommendation: “Sell!” Goldman Sachs Group Inc. […]

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Indians Who Bought Gold, Won. Those Who Didn’t, Lost.

Written by Gary North on August 29, 2013

A great article by Grant Williams traces the decline of India’s rupee. The idiot Keynesians who ran the Bank of India destroyed the rupee. In India, fathers buy gold for their daughters’ dowries. They don’t buy rupees. India put a tax on gold imports in a vain attempt to save the rupee. It didn’t work. […]

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Some Central Banks Bought Gold; Others Sold

Written by Gary North on August 28, 2013

Ever since 2010, central banks overall have been net buyers of gold. This is continuing. It appears that they are now committed to gold. They got on board late. Gold’s price peaked in 2011. The central banks that are buying are not in the West. They are in the East. The list of buyers indicate […]

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