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Milton Friedman vs. Private Property

Written by Gary North on March 18, 2017

This story deserves to be better known. One of the foundations of Western liberty is the defense of private property against invaders. This principle goes back to the Mosaic law. If a man shall cause a field or vineyard to be eaten, and shall put in his beast, and shall feed in another man’s field; […]

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Assembly Line Heart Surgery: Bodies Cut, Costs Slashed

Written by Gary North on December 17, 2016

The free market is a system of cost-cutting through mass production. Profits rise as costs fall and prices fall. The difference is volume. The most famous model is Henry Ford’s auto assembly system. Now it has come to medicine a century after it came to auto manufacturing. A friend of mine had knee replacement surgery […]

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My Christian Economics in One Lesson — Hardback

Written by Gary North on December 10, 2016

This is ad copy from the publisher: Hot off the press: Christian Economics in One Lesson, by Dr. Gary North. Powder Springs, GA: American Vision Press, 2016. Hardback with dust jacket. 241pp. $25.00. On Sale: $20.00. Christian Economics in One Lesson is a biblical reworking of Henry Hazlitt’s classic introduction to economic thought, Economics in […]

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Pareto’s Law vs. Taxation Thieves

Written by Gary North on November 26, 2016

When honored by the legal code, the principle of equality before the law always produces economic inequality. In contrast, wealth redistribution by politics must begin with inequality before the law. It is impossible to achieve both forms of equality at the same time because people are unequal in their abilities to satisfy customer demand. Defenders […]

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3D Printers vs. Patents

Written by Gary North on September 10, 2016

We know about 3D printing. It is in its primitive phase. Think about this technology 30 years from now. Of course, your guess will look silly in retrospect — primitive. People invent things. They apply for patents. Governments issue them. They grant a monopoly of manufacture for about 15 years. The inventor can license his […]

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Perfectionism, Withdrawal, and Paralysis

Written by Gary North on May 7, 2016

About 25 years ago, I received a letter from a self-professed Christian. He wanted me to buy him. Literally. He offered me the opportunity to buy his lifetime services as an indentured servant. All I had to do was to pay him survival wages in goods and services — no money. Money, you see, was […]

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When Money Fails

Written by Gary North on April 23, 2016

Money seldom fails, but occasionally, it does. It failed in Germany and Austria 1921-23. It failed in Hungary after World War II. It failed in Zimbabwe in 2008-9, when the rest of the world was in a recession. Here is a famous case of the failure of money: And there was no bread in all […]

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