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Bernanke: “Unchained at Last!”

Written by Gary North on January 12, 2012

There was a time two decades ago when the bond traders served as a fake gold standard. No longer. The gold coin standard restrains central bank and commercial bank inflation. If they inflate, there is a run on the banks. Depositors withdraw gold coins. This forces the banks to stop inflating. The bankers hate this. […]

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Unemployment at 25% — Richard Russell

Written by Gary North on January 6, 2012

Richard Russell has been writing about the stock market since the 1950s. He thinks we will see something like the Great Depression’s level of unemployment. He is a master of Dow theory as a forecasting tool. He uses other indexes. Here is one. . . . Buying Power since last February has been in a […]

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TARPed: How Congress Bailed Out Big Bank Shareholders

Written by Gary North on January 4, 2012

The story of the TARP bailout is the story of how the Federal Reserve bailed out the banks a week after the government had bailed out the banks’ shareholders. The FED could have intervened a week earlier. It didn’t. It kept the biggest banks in business, so that their shareholders would avoid losing everything. Let’s […]

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Your $2 Million Tax Obligation

Written by Gary North on January 2, 2012

Each year, David Collum produces a review. It covers a lot. Let me begin with the overall assessment. We have a massive global debt problem that will take years to unwind. Some think it is a zero-sum game, but I disagree. The World is blanketed with people fully aware of what has been promised to […]

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Ron Paul Warns: The Coming American Bailout of the Euro

Written by Gary North on December 28, 2011

Ron Paul has issued a warning. The media are banging the bailout drum. The economic establishment in this country has come to the conclusion that it is not a matter of “if” the United States must intervene in the bailout of the euro, but simply a question of “when” and “how”. Newspaper articles and editorials […]

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Ben Bernanke’s Secret Meeting: A Bombshell

Written by Gary North on December 15, 2011

Ben Bernanke met behind closed doors yesterday with Republican Senators. I never remember any Federal Reserve chairman meeting this way with members of one political party. His remarks are not posted on the website of the Federal Reserve. This, too, is unheard of. At the meeting, he assured the Senators that the Federal Reserve System […]

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Meltdown 2 Is Coming

Written by Gary North on December 13, 2011

We remember the meltdown in late 2008. Get ready for another one, says MarketWatch’s David Weidner. First it will hit in Europe. Then here. There is a connection. Americans are “being held hostage by the Angela Merkels, Nicolas Sarkozys, Mario Draghis and Mario Montis.” Moreover, it’s not just our wealth, it’s our ability to attain […]

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