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Global Warming Stopped in 1998. It’s in Davy Jones’ Locker.

Written by Gary North on July 23, 2013

The global warming crowd has a problem. Global warming has disappeared. It’s missing in action. The public is cooling toward the idea that we need intervention by governments to stop global warming. A recent article explained that the theory’s defenders are doing their best to come up with a plausible explanation. It’s the ocean. Huge […]

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Global Warming Propaganda’s Last-Ditch Effort Week

Written by Gary North on June 24, 2013

This week, President Obama is planning a speech on global warming, which ceased 17 years ago. He plans to revive the obviously comatose movement, just as he planned to ram gun control legislation down Congress’s unwilling throat earlier this year. As part of this campaign, he sent John Kerry to India, where Kerry scolded India […]

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Water Shortage in the West

Written by Gary North on May 28, 2013

Lake Mead and Lake Powell, the two sources of Colorado River water for Los Angeles, Denver, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, will be down to 45% of capacity by year’s end. This is the lowest since 1968. At least 40 million people will be threatened. This will mandate water conservation. When you see the word “shortage,” […]

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Global Warming: “Who Cares?” A Huge International Poll Reveals

Written by Gary North on March 4, 2013

A poll of 22,000 people internationally in 2012 revealed that environmental concerns are at their lowest point in 20 years. The scam is losing traction. This is creating panic among the scammers. While respondents clearly still had grave environmental concerns, fewer people were “very concerned” about various environmental issues than at any point in the […]

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Al Gore in Agony: The Gasbag vs. Natural Gas

Written by Gary North on November 23, 2012

Al Gore has problems. The carbon tax idea died. Obama is opposed to it. Then there is natural gas. America has a lot of it. It’s clean. It’s cheap. But its use releases carbon dioxide. The horror! Everywhere he looks, the public is ignoring his message. Voters don’t think earth is in the balance. Politicians […]

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CIA Shuts Down Its Climate Change Boondoggle

Written by Gary North on November 21, 2012

In September 2009, the CIA opened a new boondoggle. The CIA heralded this breakthrough, which was timed to take advantage of the United Nation Organization’s scheduled December meeting in Copenhagen. It was poor timing. Two months later, the files of the main British global warming propaganda center were hacked. With perfect timing, two weeks before […]

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