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Polar Ice Cap Has Increased by Over 900,000 Square Miles

Written by Gary North on September 9, 2013

The London Daily Mail has some fun with the tax-funded BBC, which in 2007 predicted the disappearance of the polar ice cap. Over the last year, the polar ice cap has increased by over 900,000 square miles. A chilly Arctic summer has left nearly a million more square miles of ocean covered with ice than […]

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Radio-Energized Water and Plant Growth. Do They Listen to Limbaugh?

Posted on August 28, 2013

The technology – radio wave energized water – massively increases the output of vegetables and fruits by up to 30 per cent. Not only are the plants much bigger but they are largely disease-resistant, meaning huge savings in expensive fertilizers and harmful pesticides. Extensively tested in Ireland and several other countries, the inexpensive water treatment […]

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Running Out of “Free” Water

Posted on August 27, 2013

Across the high plains, many farmers depend on underground stores of water, and they worry about wells going dry. A new scientific study of western Kansas lays out a predicted timeline for those fears to become reality. But it also shows an alternative path for farming in Kansas: The moment of reckoning can be delayed, […]

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Really Dumb Smart People: “Cows Are Bad.”

Written by Gary North on August 6, 2013

This was sent by Franklin Sanders, “the money-changer.” He sells gold and silver coins, and runs a “gentleman’s farm” in his spare time. Dumb comes in all sizes, and in all degrees of wealth. And when you get too smart, you fall all the way around the dial to “Hard Crab Stupid.” Against my better […]

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Global Warming Produces Violence, “Science” Reports.

Written by Gary North on August 2, 2013

Yes, my friends, climate change does this. We know this now. Heat does it. Of course, there has been no increase in world temperatures since 1998, but global warming could create violence. Maybe. Possibly. Shifts in climate are strongly linked to increases in violence around the world, a study suggests. US scientists found that even […]

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