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Video: How Does Creativity Like This Happen?

Written by Gary North on January 10, 2013

This video is amazing. It’s not just the quality. It’s the creativity. When people are left alone to follow their hunches, wonderful things can happen. Here is the division of labor in a unique application. We never know when an idea will hit. When it does, we should be ready to pursue it. These guys […]

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Yes, I Watch Duck Dynasty. What’s It To You?

Written by Gary North on December 31, 2012

Duck Dynasty is about business — big business, bottom-line, keep-customers-happy business. It’s about repeat business. And it’s all based on guns. It’s about family — just no family that anyone has ever seen on TV. This is not Ozzie & Harriet. It’s about redemption. The patriarch, Phil Robertson, was a drunken lout. He left his […]

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WalMart’s New Debit Card: Targeting the Poor

Written by Gary North on October 10, 2012

Walmart and American Express have teamed up to provide a debit card program for Walmart shoppers. The card will be called bluebird, as in “bluebird of happiness.” Their targeted market is poor people who do not have bank accounts. No one in the banking industry wants them. So, Walmart spotted an opportunity. A poor person […]

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Good News About the “Millennial Kids” in America

Written by Gary North on September 14, 2012

They are unemployed as never before, but they have not given up hope. A British newspaper has a cogent analysis of the attitude of this generation. It would be best to see some scientific polling to verify this, but the overall assessment seems accurate. Adam Lent writes as follows. A recent poll of Americans aged […]

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Breitbart’s Legacy

Written by Gary North on March 5, 2012

In early February, Andrew Breitbart spoke about a March 1 surprise. A colleague posted this. Andrew Breitbart was one of the inspirations behind our consolidation of our multiple domain names into what has become Sinclair-News-LSNewsGroup. With the announcement of Andrew’s passing overnight we could not help recalling our conversation just 3 weeks ago in Washington, […]

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The Forgotten Conspiracy That Made China Boom

Written by Gary North on January 23, 2012

China is the fastest growing large economy in history. One man’s decision did this: Deng Xioping’s decision to free up agriculture in 1978. But how did he know this would work? Because there was a test case — a kind of social laboratory. The farmers in a small village decided to secretly abandon Communism and […]

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U.S. Gun Manufacturers Are Being Swallowed Up

Written by Gary North on December 6, 2011

A mysterious company, privately owned, is buying up small American manufacturers of guns. Its financial backer is a private investment organization. Very little is known about who the owners are. It is very big. It has bought Remington. It has bought Bushmaster. It has bought DPMS, the military style semiautomatics. It is like the Lone […]

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Corzine’s First Lawsuit Begins

Written by Gary North on December 6, 2011

It was obvious a month ago that Jon Corzine, the CEO of the bankrupt MF Global, would spend the next decade or so fending off lawsuits. The first one has begun. Former MF Global employees are suing Corzine and the board for misrepresenting the economic prospects of MF Global. On November 2, I wrote this: […]

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