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Why Sanctions on Iran Are Also Sanctions on You

Written by Gary North on April 12, 2012

American voters who approve of President Obama’s sanctions on Iran should also approve of gasoline prices that are 25 cents per gallon higher than they would have been apart from the sanctions. Economic sanctions are restrictions on trade. Restrictions on trade raise prices. There can be no economic sanctions imposed by the federal government that […]

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Very High Gasoline Prices Ahead

Written by Gary North on April 9, 2012

There is a naive hope that new oil supplies in Canada and the USA will enable the world to keep up with rising demand for oil from Asia. It won’t happen. Gregor Macdonald is one of the world’s leading experts in oil supplies. He reminds us of reality: oil development takes decades, not years. For […]

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Cheap Energy for Americans? Shut It Down!

Written by Gary North on April 9, 2012

Natural gas prices are falling. This means that America will have a clean form of energy for decades — maybe centuries — to come. The gas is available because of a new production process called fracking. It involves flooding gas pockets with water. Now a government report says that this increase in fracking and an […]

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A $2 Gadget That Triples Incandescent Bulb Life

Written by Gary North on April 5, 2012

Congress in its wisdom passed a law in 2007 that led to the banning incandescent of the sale of light bulbs, beginning on New Year’s Day, 2012. By 2015, all of them in between 40 watts and 150 watts must be gone from the shelves. The 100-watt lights  go first, by law. Maybe you don’t […]

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Shale Oil and Snake Oil

Written by Gary North on March 20, 2012

Any article that does not discuss the supply of something without discussing its price is nonsense. The higher the price offered, the greater the supply. The question is this: How high must the price go in order to increase the supply. . . and how long? Here is an article that skipped the question of […]

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Oil Prices Are Up Because of Asia: No Relief in Sight

Written by Gary North on March 6, 2012

Oil prices are up. Gasoline prices are up. Don’t blame Obama. Blame Asia. Asia now accounts for at least 30% of world demand for oil. This is going to increase. Now this rising demand is forcing Westerners to dig deeper into their wallets. As Asia gets richer, Asians buy more cars. They build more factories. […]

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Trapped! Non-OPEC Oil Production Ceiling

Written by Gary North on March 2, 2012

If the economy recovers, oil demand will soar. The price will rise. It is already over $100 a barrel. The USA is dependent on non-OPEC suppliers. So is almost half the world. To see whether the free market will respond, ask yourself: Has output increased since the decline in price to under $40 in 2008? […]

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Peak Oil’s Effects on You and Me

Written by Gary North on February 21, 2012

Gegor McDonald is an authority on peak oil. Here, he is interviewed by GoldMoney, the gold bullion storage firm located in Great Britain, but run by an American, James Turk. * * * * * * * * * * * * *Why do you think so many people are reluctant to accept the concept […]

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