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California’s Shale Oil Goes Down the Drain

Written by Gary North on May 27, 2014

We hear a lot about shale oil. We heard a lot about the Monerray discovery. It was huge. It was billions of barrels. It just got downgraded by 96%. Poof! Here is the story from Chris Martenson. Just today, we learned that the EIA has placed a hefty downward revision on its estimate of the […]

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Can Electric Cars Be Charged Wirelessly?

Posted on February 18, 2014


Toyota has announced that it will begin actual verification testing of its new wireless battery-charging system for electric vehicles, one that charges the battery of a plug-in hybrid or a pure-electric car by having the car park on top of it. Toyota’s charging system uses magnetic-resonance technology. This method transmits electricity by using magnetic resonance […]

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Where’s My Thorium-Powered Car?

Written by Gary North on October 21, 2013

They promised! This was published in August 2011. A US company says it will have a nuclear-powered prototype vehicle on the road within two years. Laser Power Systems from Connecticut is developing a method of propulsion that uses thorium to produce electricity to power a car engine. Thorium is an element similar to uranium and […]

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