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Public Schools for the Blind — Parents

Posted on August 27, 2014


By John Whitehead Young Alex Stone didn’t even make it past the first week of school before he became a victim of the police state. Directed by his teacher to do a creative writing assignment involving a series of fictional Facebook statuses, Stone wrote, “I killed my neighbor’s pet dinosaur. I bought the gun to […]

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Ron Paul Interviews a Billionaire

Posted on August 27, 2014


Mark Spitznagel: How could our utterly failed public education system not have something to do with today’s complacency? Of course our system requires a thinking electorate, one that can see through the central planners’ economic mysticism you mentioned. As you know, Ludwig von Mises argued that all governments—even dictatorships—ultimately rest on public opinion. We can […]

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Video: How to Teach Economics to Your Teenager

Written by Gary North on August 23, 2014

I teach the economics course for the Ron Paul Curriculum. I thought to myself: “How can I make this easier for me?” Because I am really a great guy, I also thought: “How can I make this understandable for my students?” I did the wise thing. I got Bob Murphy to do the heavy lifting. […]

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Stealing Your Child’s Mind for $240,000 (After Taxes)

Written by Gary North on August 18, 2014

Would you pay $100,000 (after taxes) for this?   This is from Richard Rorty, an influential academic figure in the late 20th century. He speaks for liberal arts professors everywhere. His life’s goal was to steal our children, and charge parents $240,000 for the privilege. “It seems to me that the regulative idea that we heirs […]

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How the Liberals Control Private Education: Four Words

Written by Gary North on August 18, 2014


This was posted on a GaryNorth.com forum. Our local Christian school proudly boasted that the junior high received a Blue Ribbon.I always wondered, what is all this hoopla about Blue Ribbon as it seemed to me almost every govt school got some kind of award (like Calif Distinguished School) and many more. So, what a […]

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The Advantage That Austrian Economists Enjoy

Written by Gary North on August 15, 2014


A GaryNorth.com site member asked for advice on books that introduce people to the logic of the free market economy. He wanted books on economics, which in the point of view of this website, would be books on the free market economy. One of the tremendous advantages that we possess, and which the Keynesians do […]

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Free Education for Illegal Immigrants

Posted on August 12, 2014


The Department of Education released a fact sheet Monday about the availability of public school education for undocumented immigrant children — specifically the tens of thousands unaccompanied minors who have recently entered the U.S. illegally. “We have begun to receive inquiries regarding educational services for a specific group of immigrant children who have been in […]

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No Free Federal Lunch Money ==> No Nanny Menus

Written by Gary North on August 11, 2014


It is happening all over the country. Public schools are pulling out of the federal lunch program. They are walking away from the subsidies. Why? Simple: the kids will not eat the federal lunches. They toss out the food. To get the subsidies, the districts must adopt the federal lunch menus. The kids then revolt. […]

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