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Obama’s Community Colleges: An $864,000 Solution

Written by Gary North on February 21, 2015


I read this in The New York Times. The Promise and Failure of Community Colleges From the article: There are two critical things to know about community colleges. The first is that they could be the nation’s most powerful tools to improve the opportunities of less privileged Americans, giving them a shot at harnessing a […]

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How to Teach History Without a Textbook

Written by Gary North on February 18, 2015


The heart of revisionist history is this: the textbook version of the story is wrong. It may be wrong for simply technical reasons. Maybe certain documents have been suppressed, or lost, or ignored. Maybe the event is far more complex than the textbooks indicate. But in some matters, especially those regarding banking, war, and government […]

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4th Grader Suspended for “Hobbit Ring” Terrorism

Written by Gary North on February 11, 2015

The public schools are here to protect our children from terrorism on campus. Here is a fine example. A Texas student was found threatening another student with a Hobbit magic ring. The principal put a stop to that as soon as it was reported to him. The story is here. The reporter wisely put “allegedly” […]

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Ludwig von Mises: The Comeback Kid

Written by Gary North on February 2, 2015


In my article on “Civilization and the Faculty Lounge,” I told the story of how New York University’s economics department treated Mises with contempt. The economics department of the University of Chicago did the same with F. A. Hayek, a soft-core version of Mises. NYU was a third-tier school. Mises was a greater economist than […]

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Common Core Grading: Touchy-Feely

Written by Gary North on January 27, 2015

Common Core is about making sure that incompetent students do not feel bad about themselves. “A for effort!” “College try!” So, they will be graded on how well they cooperate. The old grading system is being scrapped. It’s the worst of both worlds: they won’t make the objective grade, but they will be told, “There, […]

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