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Bullies, Principals, and Parents

Written by Gary North on June 27, 2015


This is the most important question for every institution: “Who’s in charge here?” The second question is this: “To whom do I report?” Then there is this question: “What are the rules?” Then this: What happens if I either obey or disobey?” Finally, this: “Does this outfit have a future?” To understand how these questions […]

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Rules of Success to Adopt by Age 13

Written by Gary North on June 20, 2015

For students of the Ron Paul Curriculum. . . . Here is why you should take me seriously. I was born in 1942. I have seen what works and what doesn’t. I have a Ph.D. I am rich by most Americans’ standards. I have never been divorced. I am in good health — and have […]

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Bad Grades? I Have a Solution.

Written by Gary North on June 2, 2015


The Ron Paul Curriculum is offering my online summer school course, Academic Boot Camp to the general public. You don’t have to pay $250 to join the site in order to take this course. It will raise your child’s grades one full grade point next fall if your child does exactly what I say. If […]

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Fine for Giving Candy as a Reward

Written by Gary North on June 2, 2015


If you are a teacher in a tax-funded school, and you give candy as a reward, you have violated federal law. You can be fined. In contrast, if you are a member of Congress, and you give away millions of dollars in subsidies as a reward to your campaign donors, you get re-elected. We have […]

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Progress Makes Genius Routine

Written by Gary North on May 16, 2015


We forget about one of the great advantages of intellectual progress, namely, that people of above-average intelligence can perform better than geniuses did a century earlier. Think of a graduate of MIT or CalTech today. I do not mean somebody with a Ph.D. I mean somebody with a bachelor’s degree. He is better at physics […]

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Mises University Seminar: 2015 Registration

Written by Gary North on May 9, 2015


It is not easy to get accepted to the free Mises University summer seminar for college students. The key word is “free.” You know the fundamental law of economics: “At zero price, there is greater demand than supply.” A corollary is this: “When the price falls, more is demanded.” This is a $2,000 value. There […]

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