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Overcoming the Tower of Babel in 2015

Written by Gary North on October 20, 2014


I have known this was coming. I did not think it would come this fast. How do you break down the language barrier and chat with someone in another country when there’s no ‘common’ language between the two parties? Microsoft is building a version of Skype for that will allow real-time translation for voice and […]

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In the Welfare State, Beggars Learn to Be Choosers — Very Picky Choosers

Written by Gary North on October 16, 2014


The welfare state mentality is close to universal today. Half of Americans are on the dole to one degree or another. The outlook of this society is one of entitlements. They are deliberately called entitlements by their defenders because “charity” sounds voluntaristic. These handouts are not voluntary, as both the legislators and the recipients know. […]

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School Vouchers: The Double Tax

Written by Gary North on October 10, 2014


“All State education is a sort of dynamo machine for polarizing the popular mind; for turning and holding its lines of force in the direction supposed to be most effective for State purposes.” Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams (1907) We are continually bombarded by newspaper and magazine headlines informing us of the continuing […]

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The Effects of Student Loan Debt

Written by Gary North on October 9, 2014

A student whose parents have looked out for him — and for themselves — can earn a B.A., degree at an accredited university for under $15,000, usually by age 20, but in some cases by age 18. The man who supervises the daily mailing of this report received his B.A. in the month he turned […]

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Zombie Math: Common Core Math Is the New Math of 1965

Written by Gary North on September 27, 2014

Common Core math for children is a reincarnation of the failed “New Math” experiment of the late 1960’s. The goal is the same: to baffle parents who understand math. If parents cannot understand how to teach math this way, then they are tempted to turn all teaching over to classroom teachers in tax-funded schools. The […]

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The Web vs. Academic Smugness

Written by Robert Murphy on September 26, 2014


In one hour, I was assaulted by two wonderful examples of people misleading their audience while wearing the mantle of objective science. First, I was reading to my son from Max Tegmark’s book, The Mathematical Universe. Tegmark is a physicist at MIT, so he is a smart guy. In the beginning of the book he […]

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Wordwide WiFi Internet vs. the Public Schools: 2025

Written by Gary North on September 25, 2014


What if everyone on earth could hook up to the Internet? Facebook plans to engineer this. Next year, it says, the company will test a drone the size of a 747. It will fly very high, be powered by the sun, be very light, and will carry satellite transmitters for WiFi. By 2020, Facebook expects […]

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Homeschool Moms: Monetize Your Hard Work

Written by Gary North on September 23, 2014


The following strategy would not work if every successful homeschool mom followed my advice. There are too many of them. The competition would be too stiff. But they will not follow my advice. Why not? Because they lack self-confidence. No matter how well their own children do, they think: “I’m not very good.” They do […]

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