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On Completing a 56-Year-Old Project

Written by Gary North on January 14, 2017


Friday the 13th, 2017, was a lucky day for me. I completed a project that I first decided needed to be done in 1960. I was a sophomore at the University of California, Riverside. I was taking a required course in Western civilization. It was a one-year history course. Back in the 1960’s, hundreds of […]

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Stolen American History: Not in the Textbooks

Written by Gary North on January 7, 2017


Here’s a brief summary of the story you never got in high school, college, or grad school. Neither did I. But your kids can get it, and maybe they’ll fill you in — as long as you don’t get tired of saying, “I’ve never heard that. Are you sure?” This is lesson 176 of my […]

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No Government Vouchers for the Ron Paul Curriculum

Written by Gary North on December 24, 2016


“If you take the government’s nickel, you also take its noose.” — Gary North.A GaryNorth.com site member posted this: One of the policies Betsy DeVos is talking about is a form of voucherisation at all levels including university. It will be an up hill fight but if it occurred it would cut the ground out […]

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How to Teach “Boring” History to Teenagers

Written by Gary North on December 17, 2016


I teach American history to high school seniors in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Teenagers have grown up in the digital age. They respond well to visual images. They are not comfortable with learning 100% through reading. This is nothing new. This is why documents from ancient Egypt show that priests taught young men by means […]

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Black [Token] Studies at [Still Guilty Whites] University

Written by Gary North on December 17, 2016

Two mid-level bureaucrats in the Administration of Eastern Michigan University have joined with the Black Students Union to recommend that every department on campus be required to design a required course in Black Studies. Their slideshow is online for the whole world to see. You can access it here. (Just in case howls of derisive […]

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Pre-Crimes, Pre-Schools, and the Passive Voice

Written by Gary North on December 17, 2016


Passive voice: “Something should be done about this.” Active voice: “Give me a badge and a gun, and I will do it.” A GaryNorth.com site member spotted this article. A simple test at the age of three can determine whether children will grow up to be a burden on society, needing excessive welfare, ending up […]

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Penny Wise. Time Foolish.

Written by Gary North on December 10, 2016


The labor theory of value blinded the classical economists, pre-1870. They thought that labor produces value. Then why is a diamond worth so much, even one that someone just happens to see shining in the dirt, which he picks up? Here is economic logic: the expectation of value calls forth the labor and time and […]

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Textbooks: Marks of a Second Rate Homeschool Curriculum

Written by Gary North on December 3, 2016


The typical homeschool mom has been told this: “Beware of online education. Computers are bad!” This is the sales pitch of homeschool curriculum producers that did not see what the Khan Academy would do to education. They do not know how to respond. They have “bet the farm” on Gutenberg, not video-based education. They are […]

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