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Teen Unemployment In Major U.S. Cities Tops 50%

Posted on June 7, 2014


Old timers often say that the young people in the U.S. today don’t have the work ethic of their predecessors. This may be true, but is this perceived weakness a symptom of a greater problem? Has the opportunity for many young people to find employment diminished, and thus made it harder for them to learn […]

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Median Household Income Down 9% Since 1999

Written by Gary North on May 22, 2014


David Stockman has offered a useful table. It reveals that median household income in the United States peaked in 1999. Since then, adjusted for price inflation, it is down by 9%. The Federal Reserve pumped in trillions of dollars in fiat money. The U.S. government has run trillions of dollars in deficits. Stockman’s conclusion is […]

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New Car Glut — USA

Written by Gary North on May 20, 2014


The glut is here. Some 3.27 million new cars are now sitting on lots across the U.S., more than there have been in almost five years, according to Automotive News. That’s a lot of cars—just enough to equip every man, woman, and child in the state of Iowa with a new vehicle, and just slightly […]

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Worldwide New Car Parks: No Buyers, No Prospects

Written by Gary North on May 19, 2014

Around Europe, cars are being parked in huge lots. There are no buyers. Yet to conceal reality, car companies are parking them and walking away, leaving them to rust. The aerial photographs are simply astounding. These are new-car parks. No one wants them. No one is expected to want them. The car manufacturers pretend that […]

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Studies Show Obamacare Means Higher Costs For Young Adults

Posted on April 26, 2014


Buying health insurance doesn’t really change what young adults spend out-of-pocket on health care over the course of a year, Kaiser Health News reports. A Journal of Adolescent Health analysis of 2009 federal data on patient spending found that young adults who were insured at least part of the year had higher emergency room costs […]

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A Better Measure than GDP

Written by Gary North on April 24, 2014

My friend Mark Skousen for two decades has argued that the GDP statistic is incomplete. It’s misleading as a stand-alone statistic. It’s based on Keynesian demand-side assumptions. What is needed is a supply-side approach. He offered it. Sadly, it was ignored for years. But in an amazing development, the federal government has now adopted it […]

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Rent Or Buy A Home? This Map Has The Answer

Posted on April 19, 2014


Should you rent or buy a home? Depends on where you live. To help make the decision simpler, RealtyTrac crunched the numbers and created an interactive map of the rent/buy fault lines across America, Baltimore has the most advantageous market in the U.S. for home buyers, with a net difference of $1,160 between renting and […]

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European Quantitative Easing Hinges On… German Vacation Spending?

Posted on April 8, 2014


Whether or not the European Central Bank will take the quantitative-easing plunge is on the minds of investors around the world, including in the U.S. But in the end, the decision, or at least it’s timing, could revolve around German holiday-makers and the prices they pay for their spring vacations, argues Standard Bank’s Steven Barrow. […]

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Data Confirm: Earthquakes Not Good for Boosting Output

Posted on April 3, 2014


Tyler Cowen links to a paper by Johannes Wieland. The following excerpt from the paper should give you some insight into the state of formal economics: Standard sticky-price models predict that temporary, negative supply shocks are expansionary at the zero lower bound (ZLB) because they raise inflation expectations and lower expected real interest rates, which […]

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