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Civil Liberties: The Good News

Written by Gary North on February 27, 2016

There are three phrases, each of which is three words long, that govern the thinking of economists. Supply and demand High bid wins At some price I will focus on the final three words: “At some price.” I want to raise its corollary: “At what price?” THE COST OF REVOKING OUR RIGHTS Everyone in this […]

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Davos: The Intensive Care Unit of the New World Order

Written by Gary North on January 30, 2016

Every January, the richest people in the world get together to meet at Davos, Switzerland, at the world economic forum. Also present are the best and the brightest in the Keynesian community, whose plane fares and hotel rooms are taken care of. These are the hired hands. Every year, everyone hopes he is going to […]

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Windows 10–Warning!

Written by Gary North on August 29, 2015

Before you click the little white box that Microsoft has loaded onto your task bar, read the warnings. One of my GaryNorth.com subscribers reports: I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 and regret it. I am not alone; there are many complaints all over the web. Windows 10 does not allow you to save documents […]

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Hello, Windows 10. Goodbye, Privacy.

Posted on August 1, 2015

And you thought Google was snoopy! I always find it interesting when Microsoft ships a new product. They have a long history of forgetting about security and privacy. The reason may be business, or perhaps the influence of law enforcement or nation states. In either case here is a summary of the landmines individuals and […]

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Hackers Steal 21 Million Federal Personnel Records.

Written by Gary North on July 11, 2015

Unnamed hackers broke into the computer of the U.S. government’s Office of Personnel Management and stole 21 million records. These records included everything recorded in these people’s background checks. Anyone who underwent a check after Jan. 1, 2000, has had his or her data stolen. The records that were compromised include detailed, sensitive background information, […]

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Face Scans Reveal Life Expectancy

Posted on April 1, 2015

By Dennis Thompson Every face tells a story, and that story apparently includes hints of how quickly a person is aging, a new study contends. Facial features have proven even more reliable than blood tests in spotting those for whom time is taking a heavier toll, a Chinese research team reports in the March 31 […]

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Apple’s Self-Driving Car

Written by Gary North on February 16, 2015

It’s coming. When it comes, Uber will win. The taxi companies will lose. The cities that charge a million dollars per cab will lose. No more medallions! By Friday, the Financial Times reported Apple had started hiring employees from the automotive industry for a secretive new research lab. One of those hires includes Johann Jungwirth, […]

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Taxi Drivers and Buggy Whips

Written by Gary North on February 3, 2015

In 20 years, there will be no taxi drivers. In less than a decade, they will begin to be replaced. Uber is now working with Carnegie-Mellon University to do research on this. But this is not news. This story appeared in May 2014. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick sat for a keynote interview at Code Conference […]

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Robot Hotel: Few Jobs for Humans

Posted on January 29, 2015

A theme park near Nagasaki in southern Japan will open a smart hotel featuring female androids that greet guests, and robots that carry luggage and serve coffee. Henn-na Hotel at the Dutch-inspired Huis Ten Bosch theme park will be partly powered by solar panels and guests will have the option of using facial-recognition software instead […]

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