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U.S. Senior Snooper Clapper Defends the System

Written by Gary North on June 10, 2013

The senior snooper in the United States is named Clapper. He defends the present system. I have great difficulty taking his statement seriously. I have great difficulty taking seriously anything he says. That is because of this. A clapper sounds the alarm. James Clapper keeps the alarm from being sounded. He has been de-clappered.

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Drudge Goes Ballistic Over the Feds’ Snooping.

Written by Gary North on June 7, 2013

Matt Drudge knows what his readers like to read. Today’s headlines are all on one theme: the federal government’s domestic spying. He was just getting warmed up. This was choice. This will in no way reverse the process. The cost of monitoring everyone continues to fall. Economics teaches that when the price of anything falls, […]

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“Unconstitutional,” Says AP CEO.

Written by Gary North on May 20, 2013

On Sunday morning, the CEO of the Associated Press called the Justice Department’s collecting of phone records of AP reporters “unconstitutional.” That it was unconstitutional is obvious. That Obama remains mute on this incident is not unconstitutional. It is political. What is significant is this: the CEO speaks for the entire media industry. They do […]

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44% of Republicans Think Armed Revolution May Be Necessary

Written by Gary North on May 3, 2013

A recent poll by Farleigh Dickenson University reveals that 44% of Republicans think that an armed revolution may be necessary someday soon to defend American liberties. This indicates two things: (1) loss of faith in Constitutional politics; (2) an inability to count the costs. If you take this position, you have adopted the view of […]

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Dronebusters: Turning Spy Drones into Barney Fife

Written by Gary North on May 1, 2013

An Oregon company says that it has developed a new technology which will prevent drones from “completing their mission.” It will not say how this technology does this. It does not say what it will cost. But it claims that commercial units will be affordable for private homes. The company has applied for a patent. […]

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