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Jonah and Nahum: Prophets to the Gentiles

Written by Gary North on May 2, 2015

Jonah and Nahum brought covenant lawsuits against Nineveh/Assyria. Nineveh accepted Jonah’s message and repented. The result: positive national sanctions. Nahum came over a century later. He said that time had run out for Nineveh. It had. The Babylonians conquered Assyria in the next generation. Conclusion: Assyria was under God’s law and therefore under the law’s […]

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Online: Calvin’s Lost Sermons on Deuteronomy

Written by Gary North on February 23, 2015

John Calvin preached 200 sermons on Deuteronomy. They have been dropped down the memory hole. Calvinist seminary professors have never heard of them, let alone read them. Until today, they had an excuse. Not any longer. In 1583, a translation of them appeared in English. This was ignored, then forgotten. Over four centuries later (1987), […]

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Civilization and the Faculty Lounge

Written by Gary North on January 29, 2015

Ludwig von Mises is one of my heroes. He abided by a fundamental principle in life: “Never give an inch.” It was often said by Chicago School economists and other non-Austrian economists that Mises was just too hard core. He was just too unbending. For an example of this criticism, watch this brief video, which […]

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My Latest Book: Free

Written by Gary North on January 24, 2015

My new book is now typeset: The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics. You can download it here: http://www.garynorth.com/CovenantalEconomics.pdfIt is different from every other book you have read on economics. It begins with this question: “Who owns this?” This is the most divisive question in economic thought. Because it is divisive, economists ever since Adam Smith […]

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Thinking Biblically About Economics Isn’t Easy

Written by Gary North on January 24, 2015

With the digital publication of my book, The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics, I have reached what could be called the penultimate stage of my calling. It took 55 years. The ultimate stage will be a multi-volume work on Christian economics. It will cover the actual economic operations that I describe in my recent book. […]

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Protestantism in China Is Spreading

Written by Gary North on November 6, 2014

It was not supposed to happen, according to Karl Marx. Religion is spreading fast in the not-quite-Communist paradise. Evangelical Protestantism is on the cutting edge. There were maybe a million Protestants in China in 1976. It is estimated that there are 100 million today. But no one knows. They are operating in the shadows. They […]

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A Few Pastors Preach Partisan Politics, but IRS Stays Silent

Written by Gary North on November 4, 2014

Usually, pastors avoid political issues that do not directly affect churches. They do not want to split their churches. They want those tithes and offerings. The churches are in debt, and cash flow is a consideration. Besides, they know that Americans don’t like to be told what to do in church directly. They want only […]

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