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Marginalizing the Church

Written by Gary North on May 14, 2016

“The church shouldn’t get involved in [            ].” Here is one of the most familiar complaints of our day, aimed primarily against the theological-political liberals in the pulpit. Those who listen to such preaching mutter this phase under their breath, or else ignore the whole thing, since it is obvious […]

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Elijah’s Job

Written by Gary North on April 16, 2016

And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab, As the Lord God or Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word. And the word of the LORD came unto him, saying, Get thee hence, and turn thee […]

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Why Biblical Economics Is Ignored Today, Part 2

Written by Gary North on March 12, 2016

In the previous issue of Biblical Economics Today, I discussed a remarkable opportunity that the collapsing economies of the Iron Curtain countries presented to evangelicals. Leaders in these nations approached Western Christians and asked for advice on how to reconstruct their countries’ economies. They were greeted with either stony silence or a reading list of […]

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The Case Against Incorporating Churches

Written by Gary North on February 27, 2016

And the king said, Thou shalt surely die, Ahimelech, thou, and all thy father’s house. And the king said unto the footmen that stood about him, Tum, and slay the priests of the Lord; because their hand also is with David, and because they knew when he fled, and did not shew it to me. […]

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Pluralism and Tax Exemption

Written by Gary North on February 6, 2016

The fat is now in the fire. A group has taken the Catholic Church into Federal court to protest its tax exemption. The reason? The Church has taken a public stand against abortion. The abortion issue is political, and therefore involves legislation, the plaintiffs assert. The Internal Revenue Code says that tax-exempt organizations that are […]

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Biblical Blueprints: The Bible vs. the Left

Written by Gary North on January 30, 2016

Does the Bible have answers for the challenges of Keynesianism, socialism, liberation theology, and Jim Wallis? Yes. Desperate cries for liberation sound around the globe. Oppression, injustice, and abject need pockmark every continent and every nation. Quite naturally, the Leftists rush in to exploit the discontent with promises of liberty and justice for all. Sadly, […]

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The War Between Three Types of Religion

Written by Gary North on January 16, 2016

This essay describes a clash between two religions, with believers in a third religion standing on the sidelines, waiting to see the outcome of the clash. The Bible presents it as the archetypal clash in history between these two religions. This confrontation has been going on since the Garden of Eden. The first of the […]

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The Two Rotten Novels That Turned America Left

Written by Gary North on November 21, 2015

I teach four years of literature courses for the high school program of the Ron Paul Curriculum. I also teach six weeks of literature for the eighth grade. For these lessons, I analyze two novels: Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward: 2000–1887 (1888) and Charles Sheldon’s In His Steps (1896). Bellamy’s book is occasionally assigned to college […]

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Economic Inequality: Jesus vs. Rev. Jim Wallis

Written by Gary North on October 24, 2015

Economist Vilfredo Pareto announced a discovery in 1897: about 20% of the families in Italy owned 80% of the land. He went on to study the distribution of wealth in other Western European nations. The same distribution held true. Subsequent studies of national economies have revealed the same distribution, no matter what their politics are. […]

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Bad News for Traditional Catholics: Rev. Jim Wallis Cheers the Pope

Written by Gary North on September 26, 2015

Rev. Jim Wallis is ecstatic about the Pope’s visit to America. This is bad news for traditional Catholics. Having Jim Wallis on your side is comparable to getting full support from the Italian army. Who is Jim Wallis? He is this century’s #1 spokesman for Progressivism’s social gospel to the evangelical-fundamentalist Right. America’s Leftist media […]

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