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Why Best Buy Isn’t

Posted on December 31, 2013

One of America’s most distinguished copywriters spells it out. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I now can tell you what is wrong with America, because I saw it […]

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Should We Shop Today, Online or Offline?

Written by Robert Murphy on November 28, 2013

Apparently there is a growing backlash against big-box stores opening on Thanksgiving, with threats of boycott in the air: The list of big-box retailers opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day is growing, and so is the list of consumers threatening to shop elsewhere. Macy’s Inc. (NYSE:M) is joining the ranks of retailers offering turkey-day deals […]

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Video: A Stupendous Honda Ad. But Did It Sell Any Cars?

Written by Gary North on November 11, 2013

Here is a stupendous video. It is stupendous because it was not produced through computers. It is 100% photography-based. It is an impressive achievement. Question: What is an ad supposed to do? Answer: sell something. Say that you want to buy a new car. Is there anything in this ad that would persuade you to […]

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Barnes & Noble Slides Toward Bankruptcy

Written by Gary North on August 21, 2013

Barnes & Noble is headed toward bankruptcy. It will join Borders in the graveyard of failed business plans. Technology changed. Barnes & Noble didn’t. You may remember You’ve Got Mail (1998). It was a movie about a small bookstore that could not compete with a huge bookstore that was modeled after Barnes & Noble. Technology […]

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“You’re Fired. Want to Work Part-Time?”

Written by Gary North on July 19, 2013

Three-quarters of all small business owners say this will be their response to ObamaCare. As Nancy Pelosi famously said: “Are you serious?” They are serious. They will fire people. They will make part-time workers out of full-time workers. They will do whatever it takes to get out from under ObamaCare. This was obvious from day […]

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Losing Weight, Making Money. A Lot of Money.

Written by Gary North on July 8, 2013

Every business needs a USP: a unique selling proposition. Every overweight person needs incentives to lose weight. This man combined the two. He makes money by losing weight, and by helping others to lose weight. The more weight he loses, the more money he makes. His success story gets better. This program can be imitated. […]

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Windows 8.1: Think “Vista 1.1”

Written by Gary North on June 27, 2013

If you hated Windows 8, as I did — it shut down two new Asus computers I bought — you will hate Windows 8.1. That’s the opinion of more than one unimpressed reviewer. As one reviewer wrote: “The user interface is not intuitive. It’s almost secretive.” It’s lipstick on a pig. Steve Ballmer, the head […]

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