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Scrivener: Great Product, Abysmal Marketing

Written by Gary North on July 12, 2014

In the field of writing, Scrivener is an exceptional tool. There is nothing else quite like it. For writers, it is something of a miracle. There is a problem. Its designer does his own marketing. Because the program is so good, it is getting exposure. Because it is cheap — under $50 — it is […]

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Teen Unemployment In Major U.S. Cities Tops 50%

Posted on June 7, 2014

Old timers often say that the young people in the U.S. today don’t have the work ethic of their predecessors. This may be true, but is this perceived weakness a symptom of a greater problem? Has the opportunity for many young people to find employment diminished, and thus made it harder for them to learn […]

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Donald Sterling Breaks Silence; Wishes He Had Paid Off Stiviano

Posted on May 5, 2014

Speaking publicly for the first time since the release of a racist audio recording led to his lifetime ban from the NBA., Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling said he wishes he had “paid off” the female acquaintance who taped their conversation, according to media reports. “I wish I had just paid her off,” Sterling […]

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