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Alaskan Border Patrol Agent Pulls His Gun on a Boy Scout.

Posted on July 23, 2014

Border Patrol

About 10 days into the trip, an innocent action by one of the nearly two dozen Scouts at the Canadian border into Alaska set off a chain of events that lead to a U.S. border official pointing a gun at a scout’s head. Boy Scout Troop 111 Leader Jim Fox spelled out what happened to […]

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Arrogant Virginia County Politicians Smashed by New State Law to Silence Them

Posted on July 15, 2014


PARIS, VA—July 1, 2014—The bill, HB 268 (SB 51), becomes law in Virginia today, protecting certain activities at agricultural operations from local regulation. This statewide non-partisan legislation was driven by grassroots organizations and individuals in the thousands across the Commonwealth and is one of the first bills signed into law by Governor Terry McAuliffe. The […]

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The Nanny Who Will Not Leave. Cops Won’t Evict Her.

Written by Gary North on June 27, 2014


What ever happened to the right to hire and fire? Gone. A 64-year-old live-in nanny refuses to leave. The family that hired her cannot get her evicted. The police say it’s a civil matter. “You’re on your own!” She threatens to sue. On what grounds? Age discrimination. She eats for free. She has a place […]

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Paul Krugman vs. Reality: The VA Hospitals

Written by Gary North on June 10, 2014


This is reality: a report by the VA, as summarized by the Washington Post. The Department of Veterans Affairs on Monday shed light on the depth of the VA scheduling scandal and substantiated claims that rank-and-file employees were directed to manipulate records. The agency said more than 57,000 new patients have waited at least 90 […]

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Veterans Administration: News Cycle vs. Spin Cycle

Written by Gary North on May 23, 2014


How could anyone have known that the Veterans Administration’s health care delivery system is a catastrophe? Easy. By reading Nobel Prize-winning Keynesian economist Paul Krugman in 2011, and then taking the opposite position. What Mr. Romney and everyone else should know is that the V.H.A. is a huge policy success story, which offers important lessons […]

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Government-Created Drought in California: A Long, Dry Summer

Written by Gary North on May 12, 2014

Prices for agricultural produce in U.S. supermarkets will be up this summer. Why? Drought, plus government planning. Call it a drought of liberty. Utility rates in California will rise. Small businesses in the state will be hit hard. There will be 50% unemployment in some agricultural towns. Farmers are not planting. The water costs too […]

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