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Police Hold Children Hostage, and Motorists Pay

Written by Gary North on June 5, 2012

This is the accusation of critics of the budget-balancing program in a Texas town. The town takes in $800,000 a year with this program. The police stop people driving through. They charge them with drug trafficking. They take their children and turn them over to Child Protective Services. Then, to get their kids back, the […]

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It Pays to Be Dead: Federal Checks to Dead Employees

Written by Gary North on May 8, 2012

It may seem incredible, but the U.S. government has spent $120 million over the last five years to pay dead federal employees. Yet the government insists it is running a fiscally tight ship. Congress cannot seem to find ways to cut spending. In one case, a man died in 1971. His son collected his paychecks […]

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$2,500 Per Year Per Car for Gasoline

Written by Gary North on May 2, 2012

I recently filled my gasoline tank. It came to $75. I drive a Toyota minivan. It gets about 20 miles to the gallon on average. I don’t drive it on the road for long trips often. My 1993 Dodge minivan gets better mileage. A wife in the United States drives about 1,000 miles a month. […]

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An $800,000 Junket in Las Vegas for Washington Bureaucrats

Written by Gary North on April 10, 2012

The federal bureaucracy offers lots of opportunities for senior executives to spend the taxpayers’ money. Rarely do they get caught. This time was different. The Government Services Agency spent over $800,000 on a fun-filled week in Las Vegas. It cost $100,000 for travel. Then there was $30,000 for catering. Then there was $696,000 for on […]

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Very High Gasoline Prices Ahead

Written by Gary North on April 9, 2012

There is a naive hope that new oil supplies in Canada and the USA will enable the world to keep up with rising demand for oil from Asia. It won’t happen. Gregor Macdonald is one of the world’s leading experts in oil supplies. He reminds us of reality: oil development takes decades, not years. For […]

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If the Dollar Dies: A Shopping List for Bartering

Written by Gary North on March 21, 2012

Maybe you have read that things are so bad in Greece that middle class people are turning to barter to get what they need. Things that anyone can buy cheaply today will be valuable in a time of inflation and price controls. Common items will get scarce. It’s also important to recognize that we can’t […]

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