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Who Will Win the Game of Sequestration Chicken?

Written by Gary North on March 1, 2013

Obama says Congress must raise taxes on the rich. Public opinion polls say most Americans agree. Most Americans are thieves. They want all of the government-provided goodies at someone else’s expense. That is what the welfare state is all about. Speaker of the House Boehner says “no deal. Cut spending.” If he deviates this month, […]

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Futility: 12 Plans to Cut the Federal Budget (in 1986)

Written by Gary North on November 15, 2012

If you think there is any way this government will not go bankrupt, stiffing the geezers good and hard, go to this page. Click print PDF.  It will not print. It will open. Print out pages 53 to 59. Read them. There are short articles by Art Laffer, Tom DiLorenzo, the late, great Warren Brookes, […]

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$3,700 a Year Tax Increase Will Hit You Next Year

Written by Gary North on November 14, 2012

Are you ready for the AMT? That’s the Alternative Minimum Tax. The biggie in the “fiscal cliff” is this one. It will it close to 27 million families. They are unaware of it. They have not budgeted for it. Have you? If Congress decides to revoke it before January 1, the IRS will have to […]

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30% in Taxes. Pharaoh Collected 20% (Gen. 47:24).

Written by Gary North on November 5, 2012

A Maryland woman keeps very good records of the taxes her family pays. She got upset by Obama’s comment about paying our fair share. So, she tallied up the taxes. They approach 30% of the family’s income. The hidden taxes are everywhere, she discovered. “I just started looking through all of our receipts and tax […]

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Department of Homeland Security Teaches Kindergarteners About Cyberscurity Threats

Written by Gary North on October 30, 2012

Age 5 is not soon enough to warn Americans about the threat of cyberwarfare. So, Janet Napolitano is taking the message into America’s kindergartens. She writes: Yesterday, I attended the Women in International Security conference, hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, to discuss one of the most urgent and important issues facing […]

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WalMart’s New Debit Card: Targeting the Poor

Written by Gary North on October 10, 2012

Walmart and American Express have teamed up to provide a debit card program for Walmart shoppers. The card will be called bluebird, as in “bluebird of happiness.” Their targeted market is poor people who do not have bank accounts. No one in the banking industry wants them. So, Walmart spotted an opportunity. A poor person […]

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Explosive Drinks Are Being Sold Inside Airports, TSA Fears

Written by Gary North on September 6, 2012

The Transportation Security Administrtation is leaving no stone unturned in its relentless search for terrorist plots. It is now sending agents around terminals with swab-based testing kits to use to test drinks for explosives. You never know what airport food services may be trying to pull off. If a terrorist were to get hired by […]

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