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Obama has a new strategy to take away our guns. This time he is using John Kerry and the UN to bypass the Senate!

Secretary of State John Kerry recently signed the controversial United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which if ratified by the Senate would prohibit the ability of U.S. citizens to obtain certain types of firearms.

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Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, agrees. He says, “The Senate won’t ratify it. However, Obama by the stroke of his pen, through executive orders and executive actions, will try to implement as much of the treaty as he can through the administration. It’s sort of a backdoor gun control that couldn’t get through Congress.”

“It tries to extend a European form of gun control to the United States. It opens the door for international control to the United States firearms owners. And it definitely invades our sovereignty and our constitutional rights.”

That is why Tea Party Economist is giving away a brand new $850 AR-15! The HDX Triton M4 is one beautiful rifle!

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This treaty is a guillotine hanging over the necks of gun owners because there is always the possibility that a future Senate will ratify it.

Does this concern you? If you love liberty and cherish your right to bear arms, it should!

Lets show the world that America will always remain the land of the free and no one can take away our God given liberties and rights to defend ourselves!

Contest ends January 3, 2014.

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