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“We Demand Subsidized Housing! We Deserve It!”

Written by Gary North on March 11, 2017

High school dropouts with no jobs or else minimum-wage jobs cannot afford to buy housing. They have no money for down payments. They have rotten credit scores. They don’t pay their bills on time. So, they must rent in shabby neighborhoods. They have to live next door to people just like them.

They resent this. Why shouldn’t they have nice homes in better neighborhoods? After all, you do.

They deserve this. Politicians have told them that they deserve this. Politicians have taxed you to make nice homes available to people with no money who vote.

Within a year, these homes are not nice any more.

Now these voters face as threat: minor reductions in the subsidies from Uncle Sam.

It’s just not fair!

Read about their outrage. Click the link.

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