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Crisis and Legitimacy: The NWO

Written by Gary North on January 7, 2017

Those of us who are known as conspiracy historians argue that the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and various other high-level elite societies provide most of the leadership at the national level of the United States. In other words, we think that the system is rigged.

At the same time, we are well aware of the fact that the general public is persuaded that there are significant issues at stake politically, and once every four years the voters wake up from their slumber, and they get interested in who wins the Presidency. Then they go back to sleep. Those of us who are conspiracy historians don’t think the elections make much difference in terms of the overall direction in which the nation is moving.

Nevertheless, there are times in history, which generally are times of crisis, in which fundamentally new political procedures and new political ideas that begin to shape the direction in which a nation is moving. The election of 1912 was such an election, but even more important was the Spanish-American War (1898), which launched a new era of empire for the United States. The key figure in all of this was Teddy Roosevelt.

The next major change was the Great Depression. Politically, it looked as though Hoover and Roosevelt had radically different programs. In fact, they were both Progressives. If anything, in 1932 Hoover was the more radical. The public thought it was making a fundamental decision in 1932 when it voted for Roosevelt, but the New Deal was simply an extension of what Hoover had already begun to construct. On this, read Murray Rothbard’s book, America’s Great Depression (1963).

Obviously, the atomic bomb changed the nature of warfare and therefore changed the nature of conflict between empires. Next, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 made the United States the sole superpower. This has now degenerated into a series of no-win wars, and these wars are against non-state combatants. We do not know how this is going to turn out, except to say that at some point, the United States government is not going to be able to afford to maintain its present empire. At that point, there will be a fundamental reconsideration of the United States as the world’s only superpower. In all likelihood there is not going to be a single superpower. But we don’t know that for certain.


In Europe, the threat of invasion by displaced Islamic citizens and displaced citizens of sub-Saharan Africa has combined to force a major reconsideration of the New World Order in Europe. The bureaucrats who run the European Union and the European Commission were blindsided by this invasion, and were even more blindsided by the vote of the British to leave the European Union. They did not see this coming. They should have seen it coming. When Europe and the United States overthrew the Qaddafi government, that opened the Libyan borders to an extent that had never taken place before. He had warned about this, but the West paid no attention. It is now paying the price for paying no attention.

The Brexit vote really did matter. It was very close, but it mattered. It revealed to the bureaucrats that a major opposition movement now had the votes to undermine the New World Order in Europe. The bureaucrats are now terrified of what is going to happen politically in France, Austria, and much of Western Europe.

This really does represent a change politically. It represents a change, above all, in legitimacy. There has been a shift of public opinion away from the legitimacy of the New World Order back in the direction of national sovereignty. The bureaucrats had thought that they would be able to eliminate national sovereignty through a series of rigged elections, reelections, and treaties. They now find out that the public doesn’t care about the earlier rigged elections. The public cares about the dual invasion, and the public is going to stop it. If this means violating the treaties by which the New World Order set up shop in Western Europe, the public really doesn’t care. As legitimacy shifts away from the New World Order, the bureaucrats are going to find out that their paper agreements and back-room agreements that they think have the force of law in fact have no force at all. These agreements only have the force of law if the vast majority of European citizens are willing to abide by them. This is now changing rapidly.

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