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Public High School Principal Forgets About Cheap Recording Devices. He Gets Suspended.

Written by Gary North on December 17, 2016

A Pennsylvania high school principal has had a speed bump in his career.

He was interrogating a 14-year-old about a crime. He was going to get this kid to talk.

“I’ll punch you right in your face, dude. I’ll knock your (expletive) teeth down your throat.”

Then, as his coup de grâce, he added this:

When we go down to court, it’s your word versus mine. And mine wins every time.”

Not this time.

The student was a special education student. But he was smart enough to have a concealed digital recorder. He was smart enough to turn it on.

What did the local police chief say? The kid may be prosecuted. It turns out that Pennsylvania has a law against recording people’s words.

The Chief of Police is about as stupid and arrogant as the principal.

The boy’s mother hired an attorney. The attorney said this:

“The child was being questioned and taped it as proof for his mother. Interrogating a 14-year-old without a parent being present doesn’t sound right to me. We will deal with that.”

Indeed, they will. In a court of law.

The attorney added:

“If you convict this child of this crime knowing he did this to protect himself from abusive adult behavior, the court system is as culpable as individuals who threatened him.”

Can you imagine what will happen to the school district if this gets in front of a jury? I can. Here is a 14-year-old special-ed kid being charged by a law against recording the Principal. And to prove that he did this, the attorney will play the recording. The kid will go free. Count on it.

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