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The Biggest Fool I Have Ever Encountered

Written by Gary North on November 26, 2016

I have been writing publicly ever since 1958.

Over the years, I have received my fair share of letters from crackpots, really stupid people, and people so far beyond the fringe that I wonder how they function.

Nevertheless, I have received an email from a man who puts them all to shame.

I wrote an article on a system of informing that would get illegal immigrants into a federal data base. I called it Trump’s Squeal-a-Thon. With a title like that, you might conclude that I was not altogether serious.

I am not saying that my plan would not work. I think it would work. The problem is this: it would be useless. How could the U.S. government round up between 10 million and 20 million people? How could they all be arrested, housed, fed, tried, and deported?

It’s not that the government could not locate them if it adopted my program. It’s that it could not possibly arrest, try, and convict all of them. The logistics are impossible.

Second, where would the government send them? Not to Mexico. Mexico would not accept them. Besides, half of them are not from Mexico.


My real concern is the existing federal database called the Real ID program. Information on you is in it or will be going into it if you have a driver’s license. Deadline: January 22, 2018. I would like to see this law repealed. The courts have not overturned it.

So, I wrote that if we could deport all the illegals, this would undermine the public’s willingness to accept the ID program for all the rest of us.

There would no longer be a politically popular justification for a national ID card.

There would be no need to police all businesses with respect to hiring only workers with a national ID card.

Also, if the voters would simply recognize that the government cannot possibly deport all of them, this might undermine the public’s willingness to accept the ID program for all the rest of us.

My point was that the whole idea of mass deportations is operational nonsense. Mexico will not take them. It would take hundreds of billions of dollars to attempt to deport all of them. The cost would rise as the government deported the “low-hanging fruit.”

(For the rest of my article, click the link.)

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