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Trump Pays $40,000/Year for His Fourth Grader’s Tuition. Why?

Written by Gary North on November 2, 2016

Melania Trump will stay in New York city. Why? So that her 10-year-old son can attend a private school. Tuition: over $40,000.

I cannot imagine what academic advantage is worth paying $40,000 a year tuition. Maybe this includes a hot lunch.

I can understand a billionaire who pays $40,000 to keep his kid out of the New York City public schools. But why not pay a housekeeper to supervise his son, who enrolls in the Ron Paul Curriculum, which costs $500 a year? That would also get the house clean.

For that matter, just let a Secret Service agent supervise.

Is there some academic advantage that $40,000 buys? A parent might say: “The student gets a fairly low student/teacher ratio.” This is the case against paying $40,000 a year. Classroom education teaches the student to become dependent on classroom teachers.

Isn’t the #1 goal of formal education to teach a person to be an independent, self-motivated learner? This is the case for a self-taught curriculum, whether a video-based online curriculum — the Ron Paul Curriculum or the Khan Academy (free) — or inexpensive text-based Robinson Curriculum ($200/once).

Isn’t it a better idea to begin a self-learning program as early as possible? I think the 4th grade is when to start — after the student can read easily.

Would the child be safer in the White House or in a classroom?

Will a Secret Service agent sit in the back of the classroom, course by course? How will his son like this? His very own babysitter! If I were the kid, I would want to move into the White House.

I do not understand the rich, who send their kids into exclusive schools at $40,000 a year.

I also do not understand the middle class, who send their kids into public schools, where illegal drugs are as plentiful as herpes, instead of adopting a self-teaching, video-based homeschool curriculum.

I also do not understand the poor, who send the kids into inner-city schools that are not safe.

But they do. Rich and poor, famous and unknown: they all want to avoid home schooling. They all want their kids to grow up intellectually dependent on classroom instruction until the day the kids graduate. From that point on, the newly certified graduates never again submit to the low-output structure of classroom-based education. But they force their own children into the same pattern.
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