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Trump and the Politics of Revenge

Written by Gary North on October 22, 2016

Chris Wallace asked Trump in the third debate whether he will accept a Clinton victory on November 8. He said that he will make that decision at the time.

Pressed on this, he said he would keep us in suspense.

Clearly, he could not become President if the popular vote is against him, and the Electoral College elects Hillary without deviating from the popular vote.

The President must be sworn in. Who would have the authority to do this for Trump? Who would lawfully perform the service?

So, why is he being coy?

One reason: increase the ratings. The media went ballistic. He plays these people like concern violinist. They just can’t keep from giving him air time.

Second, if he loses, and he calls his followers to buckle down and take over the Republican Party, he could become the greatest political spoiler in American history. That’s because he has enough supporters to take over most of the precincts. Hardly anyone is willing to dig in and do the grunt work at the local level. This is why the party machines control the parties in between Presidential elections.

He is preparing his followers for what he has described as the theft of the Presidency in a rigged election. He is undermining their trust in the system. But this loss of trust in the political system provides an opportunity for him to mobilize his hard core supporters.

If people feel cheated, they can be motivated to seek revenge. He is preparing them to feel cheated.

If people feel cheated, and their leader says they have an opportunity to get even, maybe 20% of them will commit to a program to get even.

Here is the problem he faces. Almost no one is sufficiently interested in politics to dig in and take over a political party. That’s why it really could be done. The opposition will not have the same degree of dedication. The opposition will not care enough to get even.

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