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Mystery: What the Khan Academy Teaches in the Social Sciences

Written by Gary North on September 24, 2016

If we are to believe Khan Academy’s reports, it teaches something in the range of 25 million students. Half are outside the United States.

Nothing like this has ever happened: one man providing K-12 education for 25 million students. It may be 100 million in ten years.

No educator can catch up. He has a lock on this market.

Is there any other market more desirable than this market? Around the world for a century, governments targeted this market. They have spent large chunks of national productivity to control these markets. They are compulsory markets.

Yet here is one man with no certification from any civil government who is providing both educational content and teaching structure for 25 million students.

I regard this as the most significant end run around the world’s political establishments ever pulled off by anyone.

It gets even more amazing. If I were a full-time politician, and I wanted to get some idea of how well-educated people will be voting in 20 years, I would begin with a detailed analysis of the social science courses on the Khan Academy. Yet no one has done this.

Some of the best tax-funded high schools in the United States have adopted the Khan Academy as a supplement to classroom education. This is a complete reversal of reality. Khan’s instructors are providing the lectures and the testing. The classroom teachers are supplementary to the Khan Academy.

Ideologists of all persuasions ought to know what is being taught. Nobody has any idea. Nobody seems to care.
I am too busy to find out. I have put together the Ron Paul Curriculum. That has taken all of my spare time ever since the spring of 2013. It is almost complete. I adopted this approach: “You can’t beat something with nothing.”

There is now an online alternative to Khan. It took three years. If I had been handed a budget of a million dollars, I could have done it in one year. Maybe.

There are billionaires out there who could easily have funded a Left-wing version. None of them thought of this. It’s now too late. He captured the market.

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