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Video: Hillary’s Parkinson’s Symptoms

Written by Gary North on September 17, 2016

This video is a very good example of a low-budget presentation that is persuasive. It cost the producer time, not money.

At the time that I discovered it, it had received about 25,000 hits. Dr. Tom Woods subsequently found another posting of this video. It had 2.5 million hits.

The author stated his case, which is compelling. It is so compelling that the refusal of the mainstream media to consider its thesis indicates an intense bias in favor of her election. The media are suppressing the truth.

If the media were interested in refuting this, they would interview at least half a dozen neurologists who specialize in Parkinson’s. They would ask these specialists to comment on the video. They would then summarize their answers, pro and con. So far, the media have not done this.

Watch the video in order to get a good idea of what a person with a message can do with very simple digital editing tools.

The lighting is available light. He has closed the blinds of the window behind him, so his face is not dark due to the camcorder’s automatic adjustment to light, which would be governed by the light streaming in from the window. His face has no significant shadows. The image on screen is nothing special, but it does not detract from his presentation.

He is reading from a script. You can see his eyes move. But the script is an example of how careful speakers really talk face to face. It is not a script suitable for publication on paper. This is the correct way to write a script that is going to be read on screen.

The sound is good, which is crucial. He used an external microphone, which is mandatory. If I am incorrect about the mic, then this is the best sound from a camcorder I have ever heard. A $25 lapel mic will do the trick.

He sent this to various media outlets. This one interviewed him a day later. But it is a relatively unknown outlet.

This video got over 400,000 hits.

I regard the initial video as a great success. A man had a message to get out. It cost him only time.

This is why the Internet has revolutionized mass communications. For 18 years, 1927 to 1945, the media deliberately covered up Franklin Roosevelt’s inability to walk. They covered up Kennedy’s parade of women, thereby avoiding any bimbo eruptions. But they cannot cover up Hillary Clinton’s obvious medical afflictions. They can only spin them away.

If the voters accept this — which they seem to be doing — and then elect her, a physically incapacitated woman will guide the nation for four years.

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