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Sucker Play: The Supreme Court Card

Written by Gary North on September 3, 2016

“Our country can survive the occasional infelicities and improprieties of Donald Trump. But it cannot survive losing the Supreme Court to liberals and allowing them to wreck our sacred republic. It would reshape the country for decades.” — Bill Bennett

How seriously should we take this prediction. Not at all.

How seriously should we take Bill Bennett? Even less.

Let’s consider Bill Bennett. He was the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy from March 13, 1989 — December 13, 1990. He failed. The office should never have been created.

Before this, he was Secretary of Education from February 6, 1985 — September 20, 1988. The office should never have been created. Reagan promised he would abolish it if he was elected — another Reagan promise that was lost in the mists of patronage.

Before this, he was Chairperson of the National Endowment for the Humanities from December 24, 1981 — February 6, 1985. The office should have been abolished. He was the neocons’ choice over the truly great conservative intellectual and professor of English, M. E. Bradford. The New York Times reported this.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 13– The Reagan Administration has decided against appointing a conservative political theorist from Texas to head the National Endowment for the Humanities. It has chosen instead the president of a scholarly research center in North Carolina.

A high-ranking White House official said today that the new chairman would be William Bennett and that the appointment would probably be announced next week.

Mr. Bennett said when reached by telephone today that he was not aware that the decision had been made.

The same was true of the disappointed candidate, Prof. M.E. Bradford, an English professor at the University of Dallas, whose scholarly writings criticizing Lincoln aroused opposition from many Reagan supporters, especially those described as “neoconservatives.”

Bennett later put his name on a compilation of old primary source documents, The Book of Virtues. It was published in 1996, a decade after he was Secretary of Education. He was not able to get anything changed in American education — certainly not the addition of virtues. Federal money either drowns out or buys off virtues.

He made millions in book royalties for a bunch of documents. Sadly, he gambled away $8 million.

Bennett is cited as an authority in an article titled “Pascal’s Wager — Bet On Trump.” When it comes to betting, be on the other side of the betting — the house side.


Bennett is playing the Supreme Court card. Politically, it really is the conservatives’ trump card. If we elect a Democrat, we are assured, the Supreme Court will be filled with leftists.

That depends on whether we elect a Democrat Senate. The Senate can block any appointment. Wikipedia reports:

A simple majority vote is required to confirm or to reject a nominee, but a successful filibuster threat could add the requirement of a supermajority of 60 needed in favor of cloture, which would allow debate to end and force a final vote on confirmation. Rejections are relatively uncommon; the Senate has explicitly rejected twelve Supreme Court nominees in its history.

So, Hillary needs at least 60 Democrats in the Senate to get any nominee onto the bench.

Second, the Supreme Court can decide only a few cases. We got ObamaCare because of Chief Justice Roberts, a conservative (hahahaha — gotcha again, suckers!).

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