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How Donald Trump Can Take Over the Republican Party by 2020

Written by Gary North on August 13, 2016

Trump has mobilized the millions of dispossessed voters we call the populists. This is his golden opportunity.

They have no spokesman. They haven’t had one ever since Huey Long was assassinated in 1936.

They will not conform. Not now. Not any more. They have found out that there are millions of people who feel just like them: fed up.


Joe Bob Briggs, who used to write the great column on drive-in movies and low-budget films, has written one of the finest pieces of social analysis I have ever read — a true masterpiece. It is here. It is on Trump’s supporters, who are sick and tired of being pressured to keep their mouths shut.

There are all kinds of ordinary people who are gonna vote for Trump, and they’re not chasing a mythical golden age, and they don’t wear hard hats, and they don’t wanna live under a dictatorship. They’re what’s referred to in the mainstream press as “working class”–a strange term implying that they’re to be feared because they’re out there working instead of doing what the other classes do. Running Silicon Valley start-up deals? Managing trust funds? I don’t know why the Democrats, especially, equate “working class” with the Angry White Man, but they do.

My point is that the Donald Trump voters have consistently told us why they’re voting for Trump, but it doesn’t fit any of the stereotypes and so it’s never mentioned. What’s the first thing out of a Trump voter’s mouth when he’s asked about it?

“I like him because he says what’s on his mind.”
“He’ll say anything.”
“He doesn’t sugar-coat it.”
“He says things no one else will say.”

It’s a political movement based on the First Amendment.

Briggs is the Right-wing version of Garrison Keillor, who truly hates Trump. Basically, Keillor’s comic character is a milquetoast Joe Bob from Minnesota. Briggs is actually John Irving Bloom, who grew up in Little Rock, and who attended Vanderbilt on a scholarship. Both men have developed comic personas. I am aligned with Joe Bob.

Trump’s troops are in this for the long haul if he guides them. They are not going to go back into the shadows if Trump will give them some leadership. They are no longer afraid of the media.

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