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Dallas Murders and a Gun Control Vote

Written by Gary North on July 9, 2016

Paul Ryan had planned a vote on limiting suspected terrorists’ access to legal guns. This was correctly perceived by second amendment supporters as a sell-out.

A list that bars suspected terrorists from flying on a commercial airplane is inherently unconstitutional in the first place. Either the government arrests a suspected terrorist and tries him in court before a jury or else it takes his name off the list.

There should be no such list.

The New York Times reported this on July 6:

WASHINGTON — House Republican leaders on Wednesday backed away from plans to vote on a gun measure that already faced broad Democratic opposition after their own conservative members said they would also reject it.

Speaker Paul D. Ryan had promoted legislation that would allow the government to block the sale or transfer of a gun if officials demonstrated to a judge within a few days that the buyer might have links to terrorism. But on Wednesday, Mr. Ryan stepped back from an itinerary that had included voting on that measure by the end of the week, saying that the bill still had a path to passage but that the House would vote on it “when we’re ready.”

I think Ryan is a standard politician. He decides in terms of political power, not principle.

The coordinated mass murders in Dallas are already being seen by Leftists as another opportunity to get a gun control bill passed by Congress.

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