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Brexit: Bait and Switch Unplugged

Written by Gary North on July 2, 2016

The defeat of the “remains” on June 23 was one of the great days in my life. Yet I am an American. Why should I care?

Answer: because I have been opposed to the New World Order for over half a century. I have watched these clever people pull off the final phase of the most self-conscious bait-and-switch operation of the twentieth century. It has now begun to disintegrate. Brexit was the first stage of this disintegration.

The first phase began in England in the decade after the Boer War and before World War I. The central institution, literally and figuratively, was the Round Table Group. Begun in 1909, it was run by Lord Milner, who was funded by Cecil Rhodes. Its commitment was to the British Empire. It sought greater integration of the Commonwealth countries, plus the breakaway colony: the United States of America. This goal goes back to Rhodes, in whose honor the Rhodes Scholarships are named.

Phase two began shortly after World War I. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. was the main source of the funding in the United States. His agent (“bag man”) was Raymond Fosdick, the brother of liberal Protestantism’s pied piper, Harry Emerson Fosdick.


What was the bait and switch? This. Lure intellectuals and then politicians into a lobster trap of one-world government by means of the promise of greater wealth through free trade. Create free trade alliances that are in fact not free trade but rather trade managed by international bureaucrats. This is a combination of low tariffs and detailed regulations of production and distribution. Economic regulation favors large multinational firms that can afford lots of expensive lawyers. This regulatory system creates economic barriers against newer, more innovative, but under-capitalized competitors. In short, use the bait of greater national wealth to persuade national leaders into agreeing to a treaty-based international government that requires member nations to surrender much of national sovereignty. The final stage is the creation on centralized regional governments that absorb national governments into an immense international bureaucratic system that regulates most areas of life.

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