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Brexit: The Second Greatest Victory

Written by Gary North on June 25, 2016

The fall of the USSR was the greatest victory. It came in the final week of December, 1991

Brexit came in less than one day.

The USSR had looked shaky in the second half of 1991. Britain’s position in the EU looked solid until after the initial voting results trickled in.

The New World Order has suffered its greatest defeat, ever. They tried everything in the book to scare the voters from voting for an exit. They failed.

There will be lots of explanations offered. But this one is the big one: national sovereignty still trumps globalism. People are committed to their nations. They are committed emotionally. They are not committed emotionally to international bureaucracies. But this is all the NWO can offer the masses: international bureaucracies that super-rich people know how to milk.

The Brexit vote is a wake-up call to these people. Their days of wine and roses are over.

Within hours, opposition politicians across Europe were calling for a comparable referendum.

The magnitude of this reversal is staggering. The world’s capital markets had all discounted a Brexit victory. The Dow Jones Industrial Average had risen 230 the day before: 18011. The pound was up 1%. There was no hint of the massive defeat that was about to hit the plans of the establishments of the world. They had no clue.

David Cameron did not have to call this vote. But he did. It was his undoing. It was also the undoing of the NWO. The unraveling process has begun.

That is why June 23 was what Nigel Farage said it was early on June 24: Independence Day.

The Bank of England went into panic mode. The pound was down 11% at one point. Central bankers refuse to let market forces establish the exchange value of national currencies. They feel compelled to announce something. It never does any good. The market is unstoppable.

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